HOW TO MAKE THE DIVINE DESTROYER (NEW DRONE SKILL) | #shorts #short #youtubeshorts -

HOW TO MAKE THE DIVINE DESTROYER (NEW DRONE SKILL) | #shorts #short #youtubeshorts

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I did some research on the new drones, and there is A new drone and that’s all, for right now… And, it’s called the Divine Destroyer.

So, let’s check it out and I’ll show you how you can make it.

To make the Divine Destroyer you need to evolve the Destroyer Drone first, which means you need to combine a 5-star Type-A and Type-B drone, and then have a 5star Medi-drone which means that you need to have Catnips who is currently available in the Christmas Carnival event.

So, to make the Divine Destroyer evolve the Destroyer with a 5Star medi-drone.

And, what the new divine destroyer does is it heals your survivor like the medi-drone and fires missiles like the destroyer; it’s essentially a combination of both drones.

And, in addition, this drone works well with the Void Power weapon, as does Catpnips. So, if you are a Void Power weapon user, you may want to invest in Catnips and if you are a Lightchaser user, check out the other new Survivor. I’ll have a video on her too.


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  1. If you want a Death from skies..combine type A&B drone…

  2. We need to unlock Catnips and have a bare bones minimum of 17 levels.

  3. So basically not even worth trying for, got it 😂

  4. I need information please!

    Can you do a ranking of the skills (like dumbell and Guardian) who do the most damage?

    I want to make the optimal builds, but I need this info


  5. What??? Are you sufe we're playing the same game?!

  6. you will have more than 1 additional evo for drone..

    originally you have black + white..
    with the new hero you also get 1 additional (green) drone.. you can evolve it as follows:

    green + black
    green + white
    green + black + white

  7. To unlock Catnip you must play the lottery 100 times in the special Christmas event menu.

  8. Man literally making free ads for this dogfart game

  9. I got that on alucky train but died the next Seco d cause I was so low on health😅

  10. man wish i got it but I was too late

    maybe next time

  11. Does hi power bullet increase drone damage atk

  12. i think the 2nd skill of catnip can merge any drones.. just a theory tho

  13. My catnip Already Lv.80 and 2 star… ❤

  14. I can’t get cqnnips I missed out on the event 😢

  15. Why is there no videos about every teir 6 and getting them

  16. Unobtainable items can still get every year right?

  17. I’m on level 20, when do you start getting the cool stuff?

  18. There’s on 7 news drone you heard me 1 new drone

  19. "How do you get the divine destroyer?"
    "Well, when a destroyer and a medi drone love wachother very much…"

  20. So as far as the magnetic polarity when you upgrade the boomerang all the way I got 3 of them instead of 2 when you max out the boomerang

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  22. Idk why people complaining. I just got the game 2 months ago and I have it lol

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