How to Make the PERFECT WISHLIST in -

How to Make the PERFECT WISHLIST in

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In this video, we will make the perfect wishlist for players. There are essentially two types of players: those who’ve finished all 100 main chapter stages and are now mainly focusing on Ender’s Echo, and those still progressing through the stages.

The Sword of Disorder is gaining traction. While many end-game players have leaned towards the Kunai for its Astral Forge 3 effects, allowing evolution without the required passive skill, a significant number are realizing the power of the Sword of Disorder in Ender’s Echo.

When unsure about what a stage might throw at you, the Void Power is the weapon of choice. Its user-friendly design lets players evade danger, particularly when using its black holes for protection.

Critical hits are vital in, leading us to the Eternal Necklace. Some might favor the Voidwaker Necklace for its attributes, but many are turning to the Eternal Necklace. Its legendary skill amplifies all passive effects in battle by an impressive 15%.

The Eternal Gloves are also on our list, recognized for their ability to significantly elevate your attack. They boast a legendary grade that amplifies your crit damage by 100%. For those targeting Ender’s Echo, the Eternal Suit is indispensable, offering double revivals and sizable enhancements in attack and movement speeds.

Rounding out our list is the Twisting Belt, known for its potential to double skill damage, and the Voidwaker Treads, which maximize damage against slower opponents.

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  1. My wishlist is exactly the same but I’m working on getting 6 armor of quietus! This is for Deathwalker
    Which I wouldn’t know a thing about if you hadn’t posted a blessed video haha 🙂

    Much love!

  2. Hey bro i want to know if the Stone of Cleaving is good and what it does? Can you do a video about it?

  3. Wait isn’t lightchaser good for bosses and mobs?

  4. I put the sword of disorder on my wish list only. And that’s what I got you have a 100% chance to get the item on your whiz list. If you put one in the slot you will get that specific item.

  5. Bro me and my friends only put in 1 item and all got the items we put in

  6. Dude i have done 200+ spins and i wished for only one item😂 no wonder it didn’t worked for me

  7. ‏What happens if I put only 1 gun on my wishlist

  8. bruh you scammed me I thought I get everything on the wishlist at once

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  10. Why didn't get x2 of item in the wish list ? I've followed all of the said requirements on wishlist but only gave 1 of the selected item not 2

  11. I got a question? Is it possible for us to see the exact number of experience points needed to lvl up. All I see is the bar

  12. does the eternal glove gianbane work on the duo bosses? and is it +3% for the whole rest of the battle or just for the boss or just until the next boss? and does eternal suit stat increase apply to both revives? does it apply to token revives?

  13. I still don’t get the void power hype. I beat all the levels with the lightchaser 😂😂 i love that thing. 😂😂

  14. Why you need all 6 items, I only wish for few things lol

  15. can you compare 3 star astrak forge S grade weapon? i really want to know about it, especially void power

  16. Does the wish list increases your chance of getting these items ?

  17. For chapters i like void belt more coz of it's invincibility

  18. Hi phasecast, i just want to recorrect you that the s-tier wish list actually work with every chest when you got a s-tier gear, i have test it with the chaos and the s-tier chest in the fishing event which i all of the s-tier i got from them r from my wish list

  19. This is literally my wishlist ever since chaos equipment got released lol

  20. i complete all chapters with lc was very ez

  21. Which one's better in EE legend waist sensor or epic twisting belt?

  22. What do you think about the new boots, it looks good on paper

  23. tbh,I reccomend the season pass more if you're a low budget but want astral forge. 2 s grade equipment for 20$

  24. Aweeeee 🙁 you have spent all that money and now there’s not much to look forward to the game phase

  25. you forgot to mention – from the wishlist, if you fill out every slot there is a 1% increase chance to hit the decleration halo on your 100th draw.

  26. I personally prefer voidwaker treads to eternal guantlet and now as now i am using the "void neckless" (i know it is not the correct name) i will upgrade it till leggendary and then i will change my wishlist and wait to get eternal neckless to leggendary to equip it, also in your opinion what's better void power or the sword of disorder? because i don't know what is the best ( if there are some mistakes in this comment is because i am italian)

  27. Should you still get the enternal glove if youre f2p?

  28. Eternal suit: Can give you one more skill choice in battle when revived

  29. Eternal Gloves: Heal 1% HP when a monster is defeated by a crit (Max 10 times per second)
    Fingerless Gloves: Heal 1% HP when instakill is triggered (Max 10 times per second)

  30. ive been running void power, eternal necklace, eternal gloves, eternal suit, eternal belt, and voidwaker shoes. New belt is better? The fact it can reduce damage to 80% a hit is what is putting me off compared to eternal belts invinciability.

  31. I'm just at scene 36, and I have almost the same wish list. The difference is that I ordered the void gloves. Are these really better? I hesitated a lot between these two.

  32. Metal neckgaurd: Passive enhancment up to 50%
    Eternal Necklace: EVO 1ST PASSIVE SKILL and increase it BY 20%

  33. It used to work wishlist when we make empty slots but not now😪

  34. You must try to you voidwaker embiem, armor of quietus, sword of disorder, twisting belt, eternal gloves and voidwaker treads. when you enter the invincible state, the damage will take off directly

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