How To Merge Tech Parts & How Many You Need! | -

How To Merge Tech Parts & How Many You Need! |

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In this video, we will go over how to merge tech parts and how many tech parts you need to merge together to make legendary-grade tech parts in Unleash the Action: Play Gunstar Heroes Online for Free! Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of the gunstar heroes right from your browser. Play online for free and discover why this game is a timeless classic.

The graph in this video was designed by Russ!

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  1. Hey @Phasecast can you tell me the rewards you get every quick patrol please, and i mean the quantity of exp, gold, essence, parts and gear… and the last chapter u reached please.. ty

  2. legend forcefield thing and ohter legends if u havent done those soon?

  3. Gahdamn! 3456 of each to get to legendary?

  4. How do you farm tech parts that fast? Or how long time does it take to get enough parts to get a legendary? And how do you farm frome the specific type that you want?

  5. You accidentally said "3 epic level 3 tech parts" at the last row, when it was two.
    Thanks for the video!

  6. Why i cant find tech parts lab ? Even i have some i cant find them in my inventory.

  7. I’m on chapter 15 and don’t have the tech tree unlocked

  8. That’s fuckin lame as shit. WAY TOO MANY! I wish it was like weapons where you can use others to level it up

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