HOW TO NOOB - Top 10 mistakes that noobs make in!! -

HOW TO NOOB – Top 10 mistakes that noobs make in!!

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Being a noob. Most likely when you first started you made these top 10 mistakes. I put them all in a compilation. Enjoy 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:10 #10: Striking Everything for Loot
0:34 #9: Switches and Vaults
1:02 #8: Walls and Ricochet
1:27 #7: Airdrops
2:10 #6: Teaming
2:48 #5: Grenade Trouble
3:30 #4: The Map Reader
4:04 #3: The Red Zone
4:36 #2: Choice of Weaponry
5:16 #1: The Winning Strategy
7:08 The Final Battle
8:03 Thanks for watching!

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  1. Nice video ! So many noobs try the "winning strategy" !😆

  2. password fr club locker is kpyr if u didnt know 🙂

  3. Most noob have common sense to not break explosive unless it a 6year old playing there first game

  4. Noobs:find how to be a pro
    Pro:find how to be a noob

  5. lol I was such a noob before when I found a flare, I shot it and thought it did nothing so I left

  6. 3:17 tbh I didn't even know you could charge explosives by holding them down so I thought they were mostly useless when I was a noob.

  7. Noobs are kiute tbh

    Especially when they have the original naked skin

    And just turn around in circles around you

    And the moment they realised you carried them until the end

    Showing the luv emote

    And seeing you next round

    And you're like :

    Ready for an adventure little one

    And they're like yeyy ur the best Johnny!

    Aint it great

    If there were no wannabe losers that hack >:(

    Noobs r kiute!

  8. Thanks bro i will sub. And i will be good noob player

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