How to Open the SECRET Room in -

How to Open the SECRET Room in

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  1. I was in your squad on Zombs and I spelled your name wrong. Baxtix

  2. Opened it with 2 shotgun shots and one m249 round

  3. I'm a good mobile player I carried a squad in the new mode they all got 0 kills and I got 12 kills so I'm pretty beast

  4. Yeah it on phone and if you get used to it it’s easy my highest kills on iPad is wins 600+

  5. Dear greg when you said saiga I heard sa gun i love your videos

  6. Hey for once its not clickbait! Good job, I really enjoyed the video

  7. Roses are red
    This comment came late
    Baxtrix made a video
    And for once it's not clickbait

  8. Dang I expected a cliffhanger opener to an intro but you just got right into the vid. Good Job!

  9. the loot tree is in the middle of the camping area

  10. Ooo that is the fall update combo the usas 12 the sagia 12 level 3 pack vest and helmet and the brand new red axe good job getting the combo😉👍

  11. Baxtrix: let's see what we get
    Me: dude u can clearly see ur gonna get some nice skins

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