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Let’s check out how to complete the Spring Arbor Event in #Survivorio in order to plant the most trees and obtain the best rewards in the game.

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  1. The Golden Cans will give you 3x and you can get 10 cans a day for free, which equals 300% or 3 trees which is 21 trees over 7 days. So you need 790 water on the side to get the rest to get 100 tree. You could also buy an additional 26 cans for 5200 gems. That would also put you over the top for the S crate

  2. i have beaten the game with all red gear and honestly its boring as $hit

  3. How much money do you have to spend to get the S grade selector (100 trees)?

  4. I’m free 2 play and I should be able to get that a crate. At least I hope. As long as you open enough crates you usually can get the important things

  5. Wow I didn't know you could just enter and exit the main stages to get credit. I played like 2 hours of main stages today just to get those waterdrops

  6. 100 trees is sadly impossible for a free to play player lol

  7. If I’m right, you only need 1,000 water drops to get the S crate right?

  8. i got 500 gems from fully growing my very first tree…

  9. How did you get so many quick petrol I only get 4

  10. Well i planted 58 trees so far and at this point i can say this was the longest time i ever had to click on a button🤣

  11. I really enjoy this game but I feel like I found out about it too late. I hit day 38 today and looking at video of past events they seem give f2p people at least 1 or 2 S grade. I'm starting to feel like I hit a point where I have to pay and if I wasn't waiting on my disability claim to go thru I would. I got a void for valentines event and used my chest for a second one but since then I've done about 210 s chests and gotten 3 voidwalker neck and an eternal belt. I'd kill for some boots or gloves. Took me like 25 tries to do levels 20 and 30. Using the epic void necklace i have 2700 more attack then when using epic trendy charm which I feel pairs better with voidpower.

  12. @phasecast random question, are you not allowed to have the thunderbolt bomb and flame bomb at the same time? I can never get a new land mine after making a flame or thunderbomb with the first one

  13. Stupid p2w event. F2p players like me won’t be able to get S crate.

  14. Does anyone know why I don't have a friend list, my game is updated….

  15. Even for people who spend money, this event is shitty… No way planting 100 trees.. Way to much gems input for an s grade gear of your choice…! Thanks developer.. Much fun

  16. How to plant 100 trees: spend money 🤨

  17. 100 trees isn’t impossible but it’s not worth it. I bought every Spring Arbor offer. Used all my keys and about 10k gems on army crates. I am sitting at 44 trees. Save your gems and keys.

  18. I just finished planting 20 trees and I opened the s grand random crate and I got the eternal gloves.

  19. I should have watched this before I did the challenge but I didn't have wifi for 2 weeks so when I got back on I just wanted to try and catch up

  20. No way you can get the S Grade Chest. Crap Event. They didn't run the Event long enough to get 100, I'm at 26.

  21. Real money? Please who is actually paying for playing this game? Wat a waste of dough

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