How to play after the shutdown! -

How to play after the shutdown!

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If this doesn’t work, watch this video:


  1. aga bu oyun niye kaldırıldı çocukluğumun oyunuydu ölünce kuduruyodum ya kazanınca çok büyük bi zafer sevinci yaşıyodum bu oyun neden silindi

  2. Better method then changing the date to February

  3. This is way better than the actual method because changing the date will change it for the whole computer, which is obviously going to cause other issues with your computer.

  4. но ты там будешь один

  5. Работает, правда я видел только одного игрока

  6. it says requested cookie or header to large what do i do? im also in the discord btw

  7. eyw hacı sayende çocukluğumun oyununu gene oynayabiliom

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