How to Upgrade Your Gears - -

How to Upgrade Your Gears –

Jacob Ho
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Learn how to upgrade your gears in

6 Different Grades of Gears
– Grey for Normal
– Green for Good
– Blue for Better
– Purple for Excellent
– Gold for Epic
– Red for Legend

Benefits of Upgrading Gears
1. The stats will increase.
2. The max level will increase.
3. It may give us a bonus effect.

Upgrade Requirements:
3 x Grey = Green
3 x Green = Blue
3 x Blue = Purple(0)
2 x Purple(0) = Purple(1)
2 x Purple(1) = Purple(2)
2 x Same Purple(2) = Gold(0)
2 x Gold(0) = Gold(1)
1 x Gold(1) + 1 x Gold(0) = Gold(2)
1 x Gold(2) + 1 x Gold(0) = Gold(3)
1 x Same Gold(3) + 2 x Same Gold(0) = Red


  1. Dude either spent his whole savings account on this game or he knows ppl like how!

  2. What is better equipped epic or s tier equipment?

  3. What is the different between Gear with S purple and normal purple? Sry i start for 5 days but i will grind alot 🙂

  4. Great video! Made a screenshot of this very informative overview. Maybe you could do a video on how to gather a lot of items, since I'm always out of items to merge

  5. People need to stop using the annoying female ai voice and use this one instead

  6. Do I need a S rank level 2 purples to make my S rank gear gold ? Or can I use any gear

  7. I've merged a eternal suit by mistake and now I can't upgrade to gold 😭😭

  8. Impossible update red item~~~ Them need same weapon (more 6) for do it~~~

  9. Ngl the katana at red rank is insane: you heal for 3% hp every time you hit an enemy. You only need to hit 33 enemy's to be at max health plus you will be hitting way over 33 enemy's at once so you will pretty much be at max health constantly

  10. At which chapter is it possible to upgrade to red? I’m at chapter 10 and I would really appreciate some help in general.

  11. Istg this is one of the hardest upgrade in the game history ever💀💀💀

  12. Thank you for the explanation! This is the perfect Example how to explain it preoperly, it really help me to understand how it works because you also do some live explanation using your item! 😁

  13. bro im having a problem, i have 2 lv1 weapons and 2 lv1 necklaces but i cant merge them together to make them lv 2

  14. Why do i need 2 purple to make lvl 2 purple when you only need 1?

  15. It is difficult to update all equipment and don't have much time to play and collect those equipment. Also supply is too poor not getting excellent part so i uninstalled the game…

  16. More informative content on this game would be AMAZING

  17. how about different weapons sub nature after merger ? will them add together?

  18. It’s a outdated merging guide can u make a new one!

  19. at least you'll need a 24 epic and 6 same gear epic to make a single legend gear, a total of 30 epic, that's one hell of a grinding and saving. I rest my days

  20. How do u Upgrade s tier gear? I have 2 Purple Level 2 gloves But i cant use them to upgrade my level 2 s tier glove. Everything is the same Level but i only can upgrade non s tier things with it

  21. what about black, and rainbow(super legendary, and mystical)

  22. Wonderful explanation using the images.

  23. If you are confused how I claimed to be free-to-play in some videos but I got tons of equipments, because I have two accounts 🙂
    On 10 Aug 2022, I have finished the last chpater – chapter 30 with my old account in which I paid for many gems (
    On 12 Aug 2022, I started a new free-to-play account and finished chapter 1 on (

    IMO, it is totally fine to support the game developers by purchasing some gems if you think this game deserves it , and there is no shame of it because the game is still fun and challenging.
    It is also fine to free-to-play as I could pay more attention to the early chapter, and it is fun.

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