HOW TO WIN SOLO! // *easy* -

HOW TO WIN SOLO! // *easy*

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  1. Do fortnite
    Thx for making a how to win tutorial

  2. Please play PUBG pls( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)( ͡°_ʖ ͡°)

  3. The title says: "how to win in solo." But the thumbnail says team rank #1.

  4. Has a miltary pack and leaves a kilo ton of heals and ammo lying on the ground

  5. Wow i got a 2 minute add and couldnt skip it it was league of legends

  6. Video title pic:
    I be like: *ammo, where r u at*

  7. You skipped o vet a lot of ammo and heals

  8. Do you have eyes and if you have, do you need glasses

  9. if you k.o and last enemy low cover grenade and let pro dude kill nab

  10. You need to study how to loot goddamn player!!

  11. ahh swearing the best youtube vid is with swearing UR A LITTLE SHITTY FUCK BATRIX

  12. He say in this video “i love this game”

    And in the others “i hate this game”

    But hes the best youtuber ever

  13. I will subscribe if you make more vids today and like all of em you make🖕🖕

  14. how to use m870/mp220 combo quick switch
    shoot mp220 once then m870 then mp220 then m870 the fist if he's stil not dead

  15. When you have double shotgun and it takes you 30 seconds to comprehend that it’s more logical to engage in a fistfight with people who are punching you

  16. 9:40– says they’re hiding in bushes, but doesn’t shoot bushes

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