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I backstabbed everyone i teamed with in Surviv.io

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  1. Hey mate you probably won't see this message but I got 2 SVs in a game! Got 17 kills! Your tips are really really useful! Thanks a lot for your videos. Would love to play with you once.

  2. Once when i had a M249 there was 8 people that were teaming up on me.

  3. Can I please play with you, I'm the best mobile player at my school and have over 100 wins and my highest kill game was 16 on solo squad, and I feel like me and you could make a good duo team and I'm honestly a god and, I'm good that's all I have to say

  4. I lag in surviv. This is why I don't play it anymore 🙁 U guys have any solution?

  5. i like when people team up in solo so i can get more kills or laugh at them when they accidently kill eachother lel…

  6. Why do even team up then? Kill them right away!

  7. what i hate is when they see that u are a pro player and start doing team cuz they can't kill you

  8. You clickbait a lot but respect to you for betraying teamers in cold blood.

  9. In zombs I find teasers in lobby and I follow them and backstab em no teaming get gud

  10. Now team up longer and kill him. It s really bad so do it. XD

  11. i_am_and_i_do_support_the_supporters_of_supportify says:

    500 likes!!!i am the 500th liker!

  12. i_am_and_i_do_support_the_supporters_of_supportify says:

    U can only pretend healing in itouch drag joystick for shorter distance.

  13. bro, im ur #1 biigest fan
    so please do not kill any one named CaptainPeanut

  14. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha team pranks so funnyman ha ha ha can you pranks people hhahahahhahahahhh&&*/¥=££=£¥=¥=£=€₩₩¥£=€ you do not know that is a pranck haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I remember someone backstabbed me and I got so mad. Now I learned my lesson

  16. my eyes cant even see you kills more teamers dont you even think how do they even feel when you kill them

  17. dont think that every one will never team im going to stay teaming even im the only one teaming i will never stop if you are teamer like so we can make everyone teams

  18. I once teamed with a person, we were the last 2. The other guy dropped all their guns to have a fist fight so I shotgunned them.

  19. ONE OF THEM WAS ME!!But i forgive u>:( 🙂

  20. Even if you fail backstabbing

    You a hero. For example, I'm a hero. I backstab when I have a clear shot

  21. Betraying. My lifeblood. What else do I say

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