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In this video, I’ll buy the Grinch skin! It was only available for 3 days in
2021 through the New Year Crate
and is considered as the rarest skin. I finally found a subscriber who agreed to sell it! I’ll do 3 1v1s against his friend to determine the price! Each time I lose, I’ll have to pay 10,000 more GPs!



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  1. gamerio plss buy my item trollface 3k 21 kilss name PsycheOmen plss buy it

  2. You realize that’s not the rarest skin right. I won a nft skin from kong lmfao. Vodka can I have my snowy claus skin back

  3. The guy who sold the suit for 10 k he got really lucky not the grinch one the one normal price is 300

  4. Hello, I’m your biggest fan! I’d love to 1v1 sometime! I’ll give you 10k gp f u win

  5. Everyone’s forgotten about the dev skin and the pine cone fists 😔

  6. Срочно!!! Кто поможет? У меня не засчитываются задания в игре играя на телефоне, это после того как я купил пропуск

  7. GAMERIO, good video and all but thats not the rarest skin….i know what the rarest skins are (i dont know their names)…ive seen many players with that skin

  8. Про игру многие забыли😔 легенда 2018-2019 года игра

  9. Nice gamerio 😘🙂🙂🙂🙂

  10. lol, i Selled mine for 3k to a discordfriend

  11. Big thanks to Shiver for selling it for such a cheap price! 🙏

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