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I EARNED 100K FREE GPs! | Surviv.io

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Let me show you how I earned 100,000 free GPs (golden potatoes)! Thanks to everyone who helped me reach this crazy amount of GPs which costs $200 in the shop! I’ll use them in future tournaments!



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  1. I dont know why my account got deleted 🙁

  2. Are you sure it's free 100,000 GP if so i will give you 1 like

  3. great gameplay I tried to play surviv now I can't because I broke my wrist

  4. All: congrats to reach 100k
    Me: Never Gonna Gi…
    Edit: 0:04
    Not $200
    Its $99.99 ($100)

  5. Good vid, I hope you can make this vid for 1 week

  6. to many people play in server as to 1v1 @GAMERIO but lose is 90% because they have delay aim when play in EU lol

  7. Hey gemerio what editing tging do u use? Great vid!

  8. Yeah, gp rewarded tournament would be such a nice and greate idea 😉

  9. Also, Gamerio, i have a Q: why did u payed gp for person who actually hacked? He minimally deserves ban from ur server.

  10. I have a Q: how can u give GPs to another player?

  11. You said I would be in your video but it didn't

  12. Very nice challenge. So good player you kill in this video 1:28 lol

  13. What is the title of this song. can you tell me.

  14. FREDDY | #ROAD TO 40 SUB #standwithukraine says:

    Awesome video!!!

  15. When is the next tournament coming??? I desperately need gp XD

  16. I have 170k GP in skins (I made a video about it) only farming (buy and sell for 200% more) for half a year so it's possible: D

  17. Gamerio I play on Asia server and on mobile can I still join tournaments ?

  18. I was in a match a few minutes ago and secured 8 or 9 snipes on a hacker with the sv-98 and when he finally killed me it said I had dealt 700 damage for the whole match and he would have been my first kill

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