i found two 15X SCOPES IN ONE GAME! // Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

i found two 15X SCOPES IN ONE GAME! // Surviv.io

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  2. So today i was on a solo duo and i found the white ball things but it had like a ring around it. But it wasnt hydra or storm bunker it was radioactive sign.it gave me an ak47 an a soda.😐

  3. Ali a tear clickbait, he found the last 15 times scope at the very end

  4. The M39 EMR is literally a sniper and your saying it's innacurate? It's the same as the mk 12 SPR except slower and more damage. Good video though

  5. When r u gonna understand that the double pump (mp22). Is better than the pump (m7080)

  6. I got 2 M249 and all level 3 items for ez win

  7. Did you played Duos ? Cuz i found someone Who was called gg and He was good like you…. So did you?

  8. i have a sv 15 scope fight with a guy before

  9. hey bro,double 15x scope not = 30x scope,is = 225x scope,u put a 15x scope in front of a 15x scope = 15x ✖️15x,u are very stupid

  10. Congratulation, it was unique! (: Thanks for this video.

  11. He doesn't even tries to hide the clickbait…

  12. When you call one of the most accurate guns in the game "inaccurate"

    You were just bad at aiming :/

  13. I had win in my first game because I was so lucky got a level 3 vest in a box, got 16 kills……….

  14. I got 3 desert eagles in one game :3
    And my friend got to m249's ;))

  15. Famas is the best gun that u will find every game.

  16. Quick tip. When fighting multiple people in duos or squads and you have one knocked, you can use the knocked down enemy as a shield from their teammate

  17. That spas isn’t that great but is a decent replacement for a rifle until you find an actual rifle or smg

  18. greeny cloak + SPAS + Mosin + 15x + 2 bushes overlap = unreal adventure ._. (consider you had helmet, amor, backpack all lv3 and full health kit)

  19. Today I found 3 15 X Scopes In One Game!!!!

  20. I’ve never gotten a 15x then I get it 3 times in one day.

  21. Your my favourite youtuber
    After watching your videos I got 4 wins in 2 hours

  22. In squad I saw 15 scopes my squad was beast after we had those 15x scopes cause we only do three in a squad sometimes

  23. Once, in a normal game, solo,2 guys shot me with 2 m249 at once ( not teamed) , guess who died?

  24. Once I got a fcking vector from a normal chest in a house

  25. Наталия Парфененкова says:

    Я русский

  26. X2 = common (chance to get it: 90%)
    X4 = uncommon
    X8 = rare
    X15 = legendary
    X30 = mythic (chance to get it: 0.01%)

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