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I Made a New Surviv.io Building Concept

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In this video I show you a building I made called the Treefort, I hope you like it.
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  1. Someone should create a new Surviv, like the same game but with all the changes and updates we all wanted

  2. 2 years ago??? Man kong has done NOTHING to the game

  3. lol funny how a lot of youtubers dont play on prestige arena as there are pros and play not logged in to go with the noobs to get lots of kills

  4. Ollé and if you ask kongreate to add an update or ask for the rights to the game to keep it alive and I see you power

  5. There are a few unreleased buildings that we will probably never see :,c

  6. i love this concept! but surviv io reportedly got its last update today so we r kinda screwed until new ownership is taken for surviv

  7. Jeez that’s such a sick idea and that weapon… woww

  8. Btw do you remeber me I kinda stopped uploading sorry

  9. Its nice to know that some people still care about surviv and its future. I have an entire 20 page doc of concepts if you want me to send 🙂

  10. Loved the last kill edit, with music and all

  11. Lovely concept even tho surviv won't care 😢

  12. Lovely concept even tho surviv won't care 😢

  13. Nice building, I hope Kong started doing something to the game cus it keeps getting worse and worse.

  14. That’s a nice one bro really good concept

  15. Yo noice concept, would be nice if kong add this to wood mode :3

  16. this would be a super cool addition if kongregate actually would bother to even look at surviv again. i could honestly definitely see this as a great thing to have, especially for like hide and seek

  17. I love it! If only kongregrate actually cared about surviv…

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