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I Made a New Surviv.io Gun Concept

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In this video I made a new gun for surviv.io called the SCG-30. Subscribe and like and stuff. Oh yeah and there’s a voice reveal xD

SCG-30 Stats:
Average damage per shot: 18
Rounds per minute (RPM): 800
Ammunition: 7.62mm

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I used MR VFX’s videos for some of the backgrounds check out his channel here:


  1. Heres a tip: make it a little more simple and split into pieces, it would mach the artstyle a bit more.

  2. I hope a new gun with yellow ammo gets added

  3. It be better with red ammo that shoots fire but urs better I guess.

  4. epic, imma see what the gun looks like on google

  5. Suggested: 4K Cinematic Background Video Effects [] After Effects

  6. yo cant believe u draw the gun in paint 3d
    nice job lol

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