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I Ranked *EVERY* Surviv.io Weapon (Tier List)

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  1. It’s crazy how different this would be on mobile. Snipers are ridiculously hard to use there

  2. bruh… m870 is the best… and i dont really think that dmr are good.

  3. 50& win chance: nothing. absolutely nothing. the actual winner will probably adore you and give you the win.
    Also another op strat: Forest Camo + Famas or Groza +under a tree facing the trunk = invisible

  4. Just staring at this list even though I haven’t played in a long time please tell me you’re joking

  5. And also the fmas is one of the coolest weapons ived been playing with, same as with the ak, and the super 90 in a way is way shitter compared to it's rank rivals, like the dmg on that is good and all but you usually only get the weapon on desert mode, at the very end of the battle witch will result in you fighting with ppl that have huge vew range and from what I remember the gun had pretty bad range, wold swap it any day with a mosin or a scout elite , ( you can do rly neat quick switches with the scout elite since it has very low recoil(it dosnt slows you as much as the other snipers after shooting) and in general it leads to some neat clutches, but what I don't like about the elite is the loading time and the loading itself, like if it had 1 round loading on every 0.5 seconds this woldev been such a way better gun. Over all I rly like the tier list and I think it's pretty balanced.

  6. Very underrated weapons (imo), upsides and downsides:

    Upside: Over average damage, Fast reload, Re-Aim Possibility.

    Downside: it's bad against snipers.. Very.

    Upsides: Always stays at GOOD GOOD damage (the further you go away the more damage it deals but then less bullets hit, sooo..), Very Fast Reload, basically the Vector.

    Downside: needs alot of ammo. Just like the Vector.. I call it Vec 2.0.

    OT: Quickswitch GOLD if you don't have a mosin (It's surprisingly a win condition with the M870 or Spaz or something like that), Fast Reload, Needs Barely Any Ammo To Use.

    Downside: Low damage, but if you're a good aimer, you can make it work alot. Just like the free shroom in Plants vs Zombos, low damage, basically free but somehow effective.

    Edit: These three weapons are still VERY different though. For an example: The OT is a really good one for quickswitching, the famas is "meh" cause it takes a bit longer for the three bullets to fire, and the mac is just horrible at quickswitching, it's just not made for it. (This is still only my opinion!)

  7. Obviously the best weapon is the M9.
    And about the Cursed M9… It's better cause you have infinite bullets for that one, and you also can use it to scare, cause the shot is too similar to the AWM-S

  8. Ihasyou you should do melee next for the next video I will suggest

  9. surviv fact (this is according to the wiki, not me): The purple vector has a smaller magazine and slightly sower fire rate, but a little more damage. and the yellow vector fires slightly faster and has a bigger magazine, at the cost of slightly less damage

  10. Idk what happened to my previous comment. It might've been accidentally deleted or something.

    Anyways, the Groza-S is more accurate and does more damage than the Groza, the MP220 deserves to be placed higher due to it being essentially the same thing as a SAIGA-12, the minigun should be placed lower because it makes you go too slow when firing, the BAR should be placed higher because of its smooth firing sound and effectiveness at dealing with snipers and other higher-class weapons, and the spud gun should be placed higher because it slows and fattens enemies, making them vulnerable to snipers.

    You also forgot to include the flamethrower from surviv.io's inferno mode (search it up if you don't believe me since you didn't upload a video about inferno mode), the one-shot weapon from St. Patricks Day, and the water gun from the summer update.

  11. bro M1 Grand is op for me, i defeated like 8 lone survivors and 30 commanders, 15 leintinant, and DEALS SO MUCH DAMAGE cuz it has a damage of 30-43

  12. Um you dont ACTUALLY like the m9 that much? also I'd put m249 in insta win

  13. while in Cobalt i turned into The True Lone Survivor with the Tank + Splinter Rounds + Awms and M249

  14. AND TANK IS MY FAVORITE CLASS NOW cuz i like damage reduce and increased size idk why lol, bigger size = more fist damage to players

  15. Groza's is an silenced version of Groza, 5% less damage than the groza somehow but with 10% more acuracy than groza.

  16. The pistol is a joke for insta win right?

  17. famas is a pretty slow bursting gun, but the damage and accuracy is just that good! For most of the time, after I burst the gun one time, I switch to the next gun slot. Then switch right back, (or after I shoot my other gun) This will prevent u from losing your speed, and it gives u bit of time to predict the enemies' movement. Always carry a shotgun thou, it's nothing in close range. Also if u are pro, I recommend u to use famas, sure u won't win the game with it (maybe u will). It's always refreshing using a gun that u never really used before! (thou I would prefer Ak and the HK more) Last reason why I like to use this gun, is because it's basically a discount sniper. I can understand why most general players don't use this gun too much, but I think I will put it in the continue looting tier.

  18. Tip: switch mosin nagant to the same wepon of that type when the bullet came out of it for a rapid fire

  19. Mosin Nagant & M870 shotgun is my best Sniper & shotgun too use in Surviv

  20. awm-s is very powerful, I got bored of it because it just one shot people too much, I don't like one shots (unless I'm fighting teamers or hackers) because I just love getting those multiple hits for my clips. Also when I use the awm-s I feel very guilty because it's just so unfair.

  21. spas-12 is also very good for overclocking (if u know what overclocking is, pls write a 5 sentence paragraph to explain it to the people who don't know what it is)

    Jk u don't need to

  22. Not bad, but I think, dual g18c is better than basic g18c and m134 i think in airdrop heaven, and MP220 is in continue looting. M79 is not bad btw, I had 6 kills with only m79.

  23. Why do you hate G18C? It’s a good early game spray and pray. M1 Garand > M39 EMR > Mk. 12 SPR based on stats, how could you do this. You put M1 and BAR M1918 low due to low clip size, but SCAR is high despite its also absurdly small clip. Both SVD-63 and L86A2 can be found in normal mode, but rare. They’re also given to Lieutenants in 50v50, I think. Spud Gun has high DPS and makes your enemies slow, which makes it very good. Bugle is used to buff your allies, not just on death.

  24. Exactly 69 weapons ranked on this list.
    Nice. 👌
    I thought this was a pretty good video, I might have ranked a few things just one tier higher, and the m9 is some bs, but other than that, I agree with most of it. Good job!

  25. why m9 is the insta-win, why ot-38 is so lame
    ot-38 is stronger than m9

  26. Imo a single ot could actually be better than using your fists due to the minimal recoil and slightly accurate shots. However it still lacks the clip size required to kill an enemy easily. Would still keep it on the third tier though.

  27. what happened to the water gun and the lasr gun?

  28. ngl dual glocks are kinda op close but there trash far range

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