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I Returned To Surviv.io After 273 Days

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  1. There just isn’t enough players now, it’s not as fun as it was back then

  2. bruh how do u play the game my game on steam just says failed joining game and i can't login and i have a error 502 if i try to login with other accounts except google and google just doesn't load

  3. NOOOOO WAY ith IHASYOU. So long time you not played surviv io

  4. they added back battlepass again from season 1 sems like (i hope game will gona work now)

  5. this game totally fell off lmao, its laggy no matter what computer you play on, and its gui is so terrible its impossible to do anything


  7. Yeah IHASYOU I can’t believe you are back I love your vids

  8. Bob, I've known you and been in your server for several years, surviv was always what I watched you for. I hope you remember me man, love you!

  9. Remember the good old days when updates were consistant. I wish the game was popular as the good old days

  10. Glad to see you back! Loved your videos and i used to play A LOT. I stopped for a while, like you did, and I have started up a new account due to the seasons restarting, but its gonna be much more casual.

  11. Rip you are back when surviv is officialy ded. A lot off player left like me so i dont understand why you are doing a surviv video now…

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