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I Returned To Surviv.io After 273 Days

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  1. Now, every time I go on it takes me to some other game called bit hero arena

  2. i react all [EU] players,CheatersHaveLowIQ is strongest ever

  3. i remember getting a 20 kill game and now it is dead i miss the old days

  4. Bro i came back to the channel after like a year and i was so surprised when I heard you talking like damn

  5. I hope that surviv revives, it is an actually good game

  6. I think Kong has left the game to die. At least we can play with little to no hackers 😀


  8. it's been a while. seeing old yts and community members come back to say one last goodbye to the game really warms my soul 🙂 thanks for the journey (and all the content) over the years

  9. the prestige servers are more dead bcuz people got logged out and most cant log back in. trainee servers reach 20 most of the time

  10. If you want to play a more alive game, try zombs royale. Its kinda like surviv but a lil bit different.

  11. surviv is now cringe and i honestly hope u willl start an evoulution against…


    thx for coming back!

  12. Uhhh, there is no point of coming back to this game tbh

  13. I’m so happy to see you come back after so long lol

  14. Ihasyou, you just say '' I' am gonna spectate you Blyat" Blyat means ……. 😂

  15. the game is pretty much dead now in solo mode there is no more than 20 people in the game and in squads there are always no more than 8 people

  16. Omg this actually got you views instead of the other stuff you post I was waiting for a surviv video haven’t seen you post until I viewed your full channel glad you still here

  17. it has been literal years since I stopped watching surviv YT and playing the game

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