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I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

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In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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  1. he needs to upgrade garden moltove the mine bomrang and then upgrade the stuff thqt help all of thoes and at some point he can stand still and nothing can stop you.

  2. Use the force field its the most op

  3. no way bro took gold gain over gaurdian

  4. I’m pro at this game and I’m like what is guy doing

  5. 8:00 I was so mad bcs he didn't choose the forcefield 2 times in a row!

  6. Straight hurting my sanity watching him take things that don’t evolve together

  7. In my opinion I think the best lode out is max lvl gardyen disc's and force feeld molotovs and rpg all max trim it some time

  8. Not gonna lie u should’ve picked force field

  9. Dude made every wrong decision there could possibly be when upgrading lol

  10. I like using the forcefield because when the lower level enemy’s walk into it they Insta kill

  11. In my opinion maxed out guardian,ball,brick,shield and somthing els of your choice is the best combo

  12. I’m telling you the fully leveled up force field is boss


  14. My 3 main things is forcefield, molotov, and Guardian ( I cant die when I max them out to the max they can go

  15. He needs to get forcefeild he skipped it so much but it soooo good

  16. Get the forcefield and you can run into enemies and not take damage most of the time.

  17. I watched about 3 survivor videos today, AND EVERY ONE OF THEM HAD A SURVIVOR ADD BEFORE IT STARTED

  18. Pls don’t use the rocket bc it is pretty bad. Instead use the forcefield and focus on getting the evolutions

  19. Bro got the ninja scroll over the force field 💀💀💀

  20. Why didn’t you choose the shield to go with the guardian that can damage zombies when they’re in it

  21. I love this game and I actually just started playing it this week. I wanted to see videos of gameplay just cuz and I love that it got me back into your channel. I miss your humor!!

  22. the game has your main weapon which is upgraded via both in map and by it's rarity level. Your main weapon can change via what you have equipped. Kunai, Sword, Guns, etc.. I can't wait to continue pushing forward in this game. Chapter 3 is hard lol

  23. you have to use gaurdian and try to upgrade it as much as possible saying from a 1 year experience

  24. This game is great if you want Vampire Survivors on mobile

  25. Crazy how this dude didn’t equip the s tier 😭

  26. Watching this was painful bro was picking so many wrong upgrades at the wrong time

  27. wow , you're so lucky. i rarely get purple item in bag


  29. him selecting things that doesnt evo with eachother hurts me mentally

  30. I have this game on my phone it is so fun and my favorite combinations of deadly things are the gardians + forcefield, so nothing can touch me drone A + B to get the destroyer and the fire. As well as the magnet to help gain xp while in my little bubble. 😀

  31. watching DF hurts my soul sometimes lol. seeing upgrades basically doubling his dmg and he just picks something like more hp or something small. i figured every1 would focus on something lol well, more entertaining

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