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I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

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In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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  1. Wait your telling me that humans ARE’NT food

  2. Use forcefield and guardian instead of the other attacks

  3. bro I got an ad for this game while watching this 💀

  4. why did you skip forcefieild in 2 round its the bgest upgrade¨

  5. I died loaded I downloaded the game and I think I'm stronger than you cuz I had to let 220 science 225,000 tails the game 1500 will you go up against me


  7. It makes me crazy how he is just picking the worst ones😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

  8. I play this game a lot and the best strategy in my opinion is to have the guardian the forcefield both of the drones is so you can combine them and then the big laser beam for like a bosses and if you're in a tough situation

  9. If you've played the game, you know that this is just regular game play, nothing impressive. Prove me wrong if you shall

  10. Bro I love ff so much but this video kept making me sooo triggered because he kept picking the worst stuff

  11. Ok this dude uses a voice changer cus at 14:33 his voice suddenly got super roboticy

  12. Me knowing the force field is the best weapon and he passed it up 4 times in a row 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  13. you can deal up to 195 million in 1 hit………

  14. how much does this game copy from Vampire Survivors?
    the drone is an exact copy of the pechone…

  15. you should save the chest it will help you alot

  16. one time when I played it I was so lucky I got upgraded Forcefield and a upgraded guardian and a Gatling gun so I beat chapter 1

  17. You should play cod mobile or any cod With that commentary

  18. Looks a lot like vampire survivor

  19. if you get both drones and get both to max they combine and you can get an extra weapon

  20. Cheater DF used $$$ and clearing stage 1 🙈
    I can lend you my stage 20 account which hasn't had any money used on it
    Man level 20 is tough

    P.S I got gold kunai and gloves and s grade revival armor +necklace

    Anything for DF content

  21. you need to use combos like the forcefield and Guardian up grad that to max and u will complete waves with ez

  22. Forcefield 1 shots the dogs
    Upgrade the Guardian and Forcefield and you will shred the enemy
    Combine all of that knowledge with full upgrade Molotovs and you have death in a circle.

  23. Use force field it’s op on the little enemies except the construction worker

  24. me and my fammly all play this game:)
    and your my favorite youtuber btw

  25. This gameplay pains me to the core. The Forcefield and Guardian combo is so overpowered..

  26. Force field and Guardian are really good

  27. I'm getting pissed of if he kept upgrading the guardian then he would be strong as he'll also if you want Me to tell you the game name get 1 k likes on this comment

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