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I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

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In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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  1. I got an add for this game before the video

  2. i've been wanting him to play this ever since i saw the game

  3. Bro was just making me mad, he actually picked sell shot over force field 5 times

  4. Bro I got a add and it was the game he was playing😂😂

  5. If you pick both drones and upgrade both of them to the max, you get something CRAZY good.

  6. me: spending 3 weeks grinding for S-grade.
    DF: buys legendary kunai and S-grade necklace within 5 min

  7. When you're getting sworn to try to stay within your AOE attacks when you walk into enemies you're taking more damage than necessary

  8. this game looks like the adss that pop on youre phone frfr

  9. tip get forcefield first it lets nothing touch you

  10. You should rush evolution of abilities because they much better then getting more weapons drone require both drones to get destroyer and everything one get 5 starts on weapon and evolve it it only has one evolution

  11. i played 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999988888888888888888888865 days and nights

  12. Finally this game getting some justice

  13. Tip for those hoards upgrade guardian it’s op when it’s almost max upgrade it whenever you can i do it it’s really good

  14. The best combo for this game is gardening Molotov green circle and drill shot and your choice.

  15. use the shotgun and upgrade i mean it i mean non-stop upgrading you see the true power of the gatling gun which is the evolved form of the shotgun

  16. played this game before. the key is to upgrade your KUNAI to the max. no other weapon can match it.


  18. You really need to max out guardian plus get its evo item which basically gives you more guardians and decreases its duration to basically nothing so it's constantly up also the evo item for drone a is drone b

  19. I’ve been watching YouTube for 15 years now and have never felt the need to yell at my screen until this video every time he didn’t upgrade the kunai…

  20. I can kill you in 3 seconds or does 0.01 seconds because you Eternal necklace Amazon I have a Eternal necklace a lightsaber and all of them are final level and also three Epix 2's grade and one excellent to

  21. I have a purple katana and I'm already be off the ball too so yeah kind of robot is dumb to shop the buttons on the first blow AC

  22. The firebottle, katana, force field, brick, lightning, and the spike fruit are what I've found to be the strongest and best weapons. All evolved of course

  23. sorry to break your bubble but a weapon can only evolve once, still loved your video

  24. dude take the force field it good it damages the zombies

  25. i got to lvl 47 and i got the next map

  26. This game is fun but it’s super Annoying how there’s energy and you have to wait to play again if I’m being honest when the energy is over I would just go to the blooket version (if you know what blooket is good if you don’t I’m not telling you)

  27. If you get type a drone and type b drone they merge

  28. The forcefield is the most OP item in the game. This is my domain rules

  29. Forcefield, Guardian Evo, The Desroyer drone, maxed out revolver, Death Ray and the Durian Evo can get you pretty far

  30. I always run the throwing knives, forcefield, spinning thingys,

  31. You should use a shotgun it’s not lock on you got to aim with it but it turned into the Gatling gun

  32. you liturely would win if you picked the force field and gardian then you are un tuch able thats how i came to world 5

  33. If you get both the type a drone with type b drone you can combine to a more powerful drone it hurts me when you only get one of them 😊🔫

  34. sad that this game is a copy of a other game 😞

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