I Spent 20,000 Gems REFRESHING Special Ops Missions For THE BEST REWARDS In Survivor.io - glimmergame.com

I Spent 20,000 Gems REFRESHING Special Ops Missions For THE BEST REWARDS In Survivor.io

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I spent around 20,000 gems in #survivorio searching for the best rewards possible and completing epic missions. The good thing is that you can get 2 hero shards by doing this; the bad thing is that it costs A LOT of gems! Probably too much…

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  1. Will they add Mr. Ying in the coming days?

  2. I got a golden pair of gloves once even got the screenshot

  3. As a free to player, it hurt every time you refreshed and showed the gem count

  4. thx for the test, i think it is not possible to get legendary parts or gears from ops

  5. Max i got was a blue part 1 time rest just gray or green

  6. julio man gamer (if i hit 1k i use a choco pfp) says:

    have discord?

  7. The task that has you fight the chairman and mini gun boss at the same time is the absolute worst one, especially when they make it so you move super slow or make their projectiles so big that they’re impossible to dodge

  8. I started playing last month. I came across your vids. They are insightful.

  9. Wait, what? Brick removes projectiles like those bullets from second boss?????? Or it works like that only with some tech parts!?

  10. Whaaaaat?? I've had gold missions but only blue or green tech part/equipment 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ some people have insane RnG

    I wonder if theres like a 0.001% chance of a red mission???

  11. i got lightning emitter epic tech parts without refresh ,so lucky

  12. Can plz u tell me how to unlock characters coz I don't see any option 😭

  13. i got an epic mission but never had i had all those luck with items and parts… only got the energy essence

  14. I just got Epic revolver. Played ops about 150 times so far and got so Lucky 😁
    Although revolver is shite 😊

  15. Hoping you can donate me a gems,i like this game a lot but im a freetime gamer

  16. I was able to purchase the survior cat for 6k gems when i went to the survivors screen the katana girl is for 29.99 though.

  17. How are you taking soo much damage?? When i do my special ops bosses deal like 0 damage

  18. i finally got a yellow mission today n it give 80k gold and 1 normal tech part.. was so sad cause thats prob literally the worst 2 reward

  19. I’m not good and English I’m just ukrainian

  20. Can you make a video on survivor upgrades? (the new shard upgrade)

  21. I'm not sure, I have 4 stars and got a yellow boss speedkill that had a excellent tech part

  22. 1:22 Evo brick blocks bullets? Its made from steel so it would make sense

  23. It is possible,i just got epic nanobot from yellow mission! without refreshing

  24. i had a gold one but it was the one you have to kil 3k mobs and i failed… didnt seam duable with my char…

  25. I personally think gems are the best rewards from these tasks lol

    Normal tech parts and wear/weapons are the worst possible rewards from better and above tasks

  26. It hurts that you have 20000 gems and I'm a free2play player it just hurts me that you are spending all your gems even when you refresh the purple revolver

  27. does he now what a drill is
    Becuase It is the best for bosses not drone

  28. My best reward from special ops was an epic shotgun

  29. I once got a yellow one (2 rewards) both were 200 gems -> 400 gems frome one quest 😂

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