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If Surviv.io Ever Gets Remade…

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Allowing teaming or scripts is the worst thing for the game, but it should also be noted that if you put in the wrong measure to prevent teaming or scripts, things can get significantly worse. Tread carefully.


  1. I did, but ye i prevenged the scripts and teaming but a ton of bugs
    i will release it someday when its finished
    theres hope

  2. Me and a couple of people are working on making a copy of surviv from scratch, we’ll make it public if we pull it off

  3. I used to go to the library and play this game on the computers. I was so good until I just stopped going to the library and got older. It was so much fun, haha

  4. Teaming wasn’t that big of a issue cheating was

  5. js remove emotes. and the ability to join other players

  6. Teaming is good. You need to do everything for survive.

  7. imagine getting killed by teamers in battle royale…

  8. I agree with the hate against teaming as a concept and i do wish it was an easy thing to eliminate, but preventing it is such a difficult task because in doing it will cost other core features and freedoms of the game. Because teaming isnt something mechanic related, its something player related. You just cant control players and their intentions successfully. Its an extremely complicated concept to prevent in games.

  9. Around 4-5 years of experience down the drain. I was insane at this game lmao

  10. i wonder how one would programmatically get rid of teaming

  11. though,one thing,there was a team of people who tried to revive the game
    they finished half of the main work because of how good the community was and how active developers were,wiki pages and other open source stuff helped as well
    but they didn't succeed
    resurviv project was alive for a month or so,but then kongregate came and ruined this for the second time
    they tried,they pleaded to keep hosting this domain
    they failed,though,new surviv version with no copyright is actually developing right now at the same pace,its going to be fun to witness atleast

  12. I will make an io game next month
    But still the game idea is not clear
    Can anyone help

  13. "nO tEaMIng" said this carrot while just teaming lol

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