sv-98 gaming
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  1. Sv 98 gaming: kills people with the mine Grenade Me: sets up a mine and walks into my own trap🤣🤣🤣

  2. Should’ve been a 30 or even a 31… You almost choked there at the end xD I would’ve GG

  3. Hi I have an problem how can I join your discord can just tell because if I write your name it's says error

  4. Rip 30

    How do you make a tissue dance… You put a little boogie In it😂

  5. Kong: Removes hacks
    Campers, Teamers, and OP weapon users: evil surviv noises

  6. When you get AWM-S and before you get to shoot it you step on mine. : / Sigh

  7. I has you is I has poop compared to this man

  8. I love how everyone is trying to make him laugh but there's gonna be this one guy who makes a random comment and get pinned

  9. Idk if this will make you laugh or not but I’ll try. Here I go…

    Boom bam bop gotta bot bump POW!!! 😱

  10. Kongregate: takes a few months to make an anti cheat
    Ice Hacks: takes one day to bypass it

  11. Yesterday i got 7 kills with SV-98 and saiga-12. SV-98 is my favourite sniper. Its sound is so satisfying. I love using it.

  12. Wow, you got really lucky at the end. That LMG could have killed you. Also that was an epic gameplay!

  13. Me actual pro
    *Sees guy named ‘pro’in random squad

    -_- bruh

  14. Love that art at the end. No, I love ALL of the art you put on!

  15. Wooooww pc is so easy if I had played on pc how much I play on mobile I would’ve been a god at this game no kidding seriously!

  16. sv the next video can be a live opening parma crates and playing some …

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