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Hey everyone, today I did an insane medic game in cobalt mode, which was WAYYYY better than the cobalt one ! Enjoy
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Code : 47d05158
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– NEFFEX – Fight Back [Official Video] :

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  1. This game was WAY BETTER THAN the sniper one !!!Which CLASS SHOULD I TAKE for the NEXT COBALT VIDEO ??? Answer just below !Tank/scout/assault/demo

  2. 0:27 lol, a sv on the ground…0:44 an a saiga, yep, this gameplay is going to be cool1:08 why didn't u take the mosin?gg!

  3. Medic class was cool mod i've played that class 🙂

  4. I really miss playing this game my laptop broke then I will go back to killing some noobs 😇

  5. sup 8x+saiga+sv
    why didn't you swap saiga for mosin?
    ans then you don't owe us an 1v1 agaisnt vodka anymore

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