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Pretty awesome gameplay. Tune in and see the road to 30 series continue! Sit back and grab some popcorn because this gonna be a good one!

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  1. can you subscribe to my friend Ty siper. he is a huge fan and wants 1000 subscribers. the first 10,000 subs get a reward

  2. this reminds me of madness combat lol
    anyone else know what that is? just me? oh

  3. I quit this game a long time ago, and after that i played ZombsRoyale. The i quit all battle royale games. Siper always makes me wanna come back and play some more 🙁

  4. How come you still have winner winner chicken dinner at the end

  5. wtf I had 18 at final 18 and it ended up as a 24, your 18 at 13 was a 27…

  6. this TrickShot is happend with me too but with door if u think i lie i will cry ;-;

  7. Siper can you please tell me what your favourite subsonic sniper?
    I personally think the VSS or SV-98 is the best.

  8. Hey Siper I was wondering if I could do a road to 30 on my channel while shouting you out every video it’s that ok?

  9. Nice video! You should do a video where all of your shots have to be trick-shots. (Siper Perfect)

  10. Bruh get outa here we all know u have a 30 on “siper pro” acc did u like not record or something oh ik ur record was 27 before that and that was old footage bc of the screen when u win it’s the og one pls post the 30 soon. Also great video sip

  11. Siper Please Check Serin Gaming On YouTube Has Has Got 33 Kills 30 35 36 32 Kills Gameplay And Videos Make Sure To Check Him Out

  12. 1:17 To 1:27 You Have Not Picked Regular Backpack That Means Your Only Focused On Killing Players

  13. This it old vido cuz the wopens skins

  14. I think it's time for me to start youtube again… 🙂 thx siper for the amazing content.

  15. tbh i think siper better then ihasyou and the content 🙂

  16. Sniper: uses 2 guns that use the same ammo
    Me: not even daring to try that in case I run out of ammo
    Edit: siper srry

  17. Bruh ive been looking for u i was subbed when u had 2k subs bro im a big fan and ur a pro

  18. Si pero why you kill me in surviv I’m fan

  19. you are my favorite youtuber 100% ,my youtube channel is azedine power

  20. you name that a mini montage? no offense but its pretty boring and you need more spinning

  21. I don't know, try a dual sv-98 maybe you'll get 30 kills

  22. This man is playing a trackpad game with a mouse lol

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