Is the Void Fake or Real in!? || -

Is the Void Fake or Real in!? ||

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Is the Void Fake or Real in!? ||

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  1. Every World Will Reset Any Block Placed In The Spawn Or Near The Spawn 200 Blocks Near Spawn To Be Exact And If U Join A Creative, Peaceful Or Survival It Spawns U In A Random Spot. In The First Void Video It Said "Set Spawn" Because U Right Clicked A Bed And If U Die You Re-Spawn There

  2. can you inspect server called coolrad it has sus things gong there like the chunk protected thing

  3. Sudi can you make me friend pls pin

  4. Bro made this all i think and trying to scam all

  5. bro can we 1v1
    reply if positive

  6. Bro 😅 this is not about the void… i think

  7. Like if you were a first 50 sub and in voxiom days i believe im sub 47

  8. I saw u in a bed wars lobby today my username is phoenix22.
    Do u remember me

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