Is Yelena the BEST Hero in Yelena Skills, Gameplay, Hacking, & More! -

Is Yelena the BEST Hero in Yelena Skills, Gameplay, Hacking, & More!

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👾 Welcome back to the gritty digital realm of! Today’s episode is all about hacking the code to unveil the newest Survivor on the block, Yelena. With a blend of stealth and lethal skills, Yelena is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. We’re dissecting her unique arsenal – Automatic Pistol, Holo Projection, and Enhanced Projection to see how they disrupt the combat zone! Ready to jump into the matrix and experience the Yelena Effect? Let’s roll! 👾 Experience the magic of retro gaming with zx spectrum game online. With a vast collection of classic games, you’ll never run out of new adventures to embark on. From iconic titles like Knight Lore and Elite to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, there’s something for every type of gamer.

🔥 FIRST LOOK: This is the code-breaking introduction to Yelena’s saga in The hack has just begun, and there’s more pixelated warfare on the horizon. Smack that like and subscribe button to stay in sync with the digital rebellion! 🔥

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  1. Automatic pistol: hey can i copy your homework?1- ton iron: yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied.

  2. It will never be my best hero, cause all my resources is going to King, see the problem here, nobody cares about new shit

  3. I just noticed. when halo projection activated you can only move that projection on the cyber space while shooting since it's a projection it's not taking damage. I wonder if you can put that projection to the boss and Burst the damage I mean that pistol skill shoot in any direction so if you put the projection inside the boss all the bullets came out from the center of projection can damage the boss heavily?

  4. King is still best. All these survivors are WAY overpriced, ffs it's a mobile game… stop being greedy

  5. Ranking survivors

    S: King,
    S- : Worm
    A: Tsukiyomi, yelena
    B: wesson, common
    C: catnips
    F: Spongebob, squidward

    Do you agree?

  6. Need active players in my clan 384KT, we have 15/20 players

  7. Been watching your videos awhile now..but first time commenting, keep up the great content phase! ❤

  8. How do i even get the season pass it wont come up and looking to the option ti buy new survivors wont come up please help and reply

  9. How do i get the bubbles that show how much damage im level 21 some 1 helpppp

  10. Whats with the lgtb bullshit in this game… how is that feminazi looking thing going to be powerful? Get real

  11. What’s the best hero for regular chapters

  12. Spencer is literally punching the air rn

  13. I just made a clan Survivor's only I play every day only looking for active players level 50+

  14. Here’s the problem- with a p2w game like this you cannot nerf winning strats. In this case, it’s King.

    Basically if I pay $150 to make my king full power how are you, as a dev, supposed to rebalance the game while also making my investment fair? You literally can’t. Thus the hole digs ever deeper and there will NEVER be another hero as powerful as king.

    T H A T

  15. Looking for active new event clan. My deep progress now is 200+

  16. I would have liked to see something like crit damage +5% on all survivors. However, this would just buff king further 😂


  18. In comparison with King , I can't say I am impressed.

  19. what is the metre on the top left of the screen

  20. So I bought the pack for her. And none of the other awards came. I also bought the monthly pack for no ads and I still have ads. So I’m confused

  21. i still dont understand what does projection do..
    pls tell me

  22. Holo Projection seems to work like a guided missile

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