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It’s Over For…

Corrupt X
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The End is near. will soon shut down. Rest in Peace.

(Yes I know I’m late. I had other things to do. Sue me)

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  1. When I heard Kongregate took over development in 2019, I would give them the benefit of the doubt as I did use their website for so many years (since 2010) and would think they would be the right fit as the new developers. As it turns out, of course it was not the case and I was wrong. It's a shame really.Imagine taking one of the most popular .io games and then slowly killing it off until finally shutting it down. Clearly the whole skins and seasons route never worked for the game and we can see the proof. Aesthetics over gameplay seemed to be their main purpose and that did not help.I cannot imagine what Justin and Nick (original developers) think of it. They probably don't care too much but I certainly wouldn't want my old passion project to be shut down after so many years of disappointment if I was them.Kongregate isn't a bad website, but it's safe to say they are not the best at handling their own games. I'll keep an open mind and try Bit Heroes Arena at some point, but it most likely won't be the same.It will take a miracle for to come back.Rest in Peace to 2017-2023.

  2. Just saying, The other game that they make is trash

  3. This was one of my favourite games at it's peak. I never thought Kongregate would shut down this game so soon. You could complain that it was stale and buggy, but that's only because Kongregate abandoned the game.


  4. Rip that game was a big part of my childhood

  5. Not gonna lie, this is probably the game I'm least sad to see go. I was pretty good at it, I just preferred diep, moomoo, or taming if I wanted pvp. Plus battle royal games always irritated me cause I just have bad luck with ever getting good gear

  6. heard the news recently – very unfortunate that it ended up like this really

  7. Kong killed the game. They only milked the remains of the fame of this game till its death.

    I hope someone remasters at least for nostalgic purposes the game…

  8. last hour i was playing deadsurviv and then i got to 16 players i think so multiplayer is still here… if thats what i think

  9. I still can't believe how fast the game started to die near the end of 2022. It's just so sad that the game had close to 1 million players during its peak years and now not even close to 1,000.
    Kongregate is one of the worst companies out there, not just for neglecting and shutting down such a great game, but also not even trying to give sell it back to the original developers or a new company. Unless an absolute miracle happens, we may never see surviv up again. We can only hope now for something that will probably never happen.

  10. Rest in peace survivio. You were one of my favorite io games of all time. 😞

  11. Kongregate really ruined the game so quickly lol I dont regret quitting at all. Its sucks cause before Kongregelate the game was so good 😕

  12. A simple "F" to oone of he best io games of all time ;-;

  13. 1 like = 1 press of F button to pay respects to a legendary io game

  14. Man rip this game give us the old days so far but it won't be forgotten

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