Killing hackers in! (aimb00b destruction 1) -

Killing hackers in! (aimb00b destruction 1)

Ukraines dude
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heres the music:

Credit to domi#5047 for the thumbnail lol

forgot to write an actual description, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhh idk what to write.
if you’re reading this, i think ur cool 🙂
comment “NOVID 22” i guess
anyways, i dont have anywhere else to put this so, heres my upload schedule.
in january i will hopefully release useless desert facts, then a NEW series, and then the engineer video. So my upload schedule is this: Useless facts, new series, masterclass
i might upload a sort of lore dump animation for the ukraines ebic universe on april first as a meme lol
might title it (BEST SURVIV.IO ANIMATION) so people are surprised that it isnt an april fools joke
but ya, basically its set in christmas and its the downfall of (in my universe) parma.
they conduct OMG evil experiments on people lmao
anyways, i would link my “ukraines dude idea” discord but i have my password there so no thanks
instead, join this:
it will be in moorse code in the april first video, this is just in case i dont release it lol
anyways, your mom

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I do not own any copyrighted content on this channel, obviously.
i do not own the music, and i never will since i cant make music 🙁


  1. Андрей Авамкакоедело says:

    keep it going, nice vid!

  2. 0:45 Lucky ngl but nice kill. It was just the closest shit ever

  3. that circling thing you do when they melee lock is actually really smart lol. it's what i do when fighting hackers. if you know you can out dps him in melee then let them lock onto you and then circle, which causes them to miss a lot of hits. also zigzag while moving, this works best with the semi auto weapons (m39 emr, mk 12 spr).

  4. Dam bro I’m wanna play you so pro you can even kill hacker ❤️

  5. Вау, чувак, це круто, я всіми руками і ногами за тебе!

  6. This is a video i feel the most relax in Surviv

  7. 3 months and 3 weeks later………….. Im back again!

  8. I'm so happy to see there are people out there fighting hackers

  9. learn how to spell 'aimbutt' dummy

  10. Ah yes. The OG video has almost 10k views. GG!!

  11. Me noob in game really and me install hacks😈👌

  12. Ти дуже круто граєш!

  13. Як же ти класно надираєш зади цим надокучливим читерам-засранцям.

  14. these hacker is nub hacker lol "killing 2.1.7 hacker is so ezz" 0:29 hacker is the example of nub haker lol
    killing pro hak is hard af

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