KING Of The WOODS! | Game Mode Update (New Superpowers) -

KING Of The WOODS! | Game Mode Update (New Superpowers)

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The Wood King! is the new Game Mode Update. Battle on the mini island and wear the powerful new mask for superpowers!

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  1. By USAS fans you mean every surviv player right

  2. do you remember play ing wit JOHN WCK that was me

  3. para tener la ropa del cristal asle daño mucho daño com lo que sea :3

  4. а зьдесь есьть кто нибудь руский?? а есле ты руский напиши в коментарий ы 🙂

  5. The katana the naganita and the axe can break the glass you just gotta hit it a couple times

  6. Your the king at this game! I would love to play with you sometime… but your choice of weapons is confusing to me. The m9 over a Dp-28!?

  7. please tell me how to speed up wood king😢

  8. the USAS got nerfed.. its max range is now only a 2x scopes vision

  9. Plz subscribe to my chanel y want to arrive to 30 subs plz isnt spam just want that you see another surviv player

  10. everytime i get usas i get crossfired 🙁

  11. find and break to the dark tree (its purple)

  12. and i know the code (hammer bunker's code)




    its code

  13. Ich glaube ich habe dich schon im Spiel getötet

  14. Hey! Tonight i have played with you 2 battle, nice play, my name is "team ngu vcl" do you miss me? 🙂

  15. @iHASYOU my question is, when are you gonna team up with me and BIGJUICYCLOCK ?

  16. you find out ihasyou is playing the same round as you in solo: alright imma leave now

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