KyromixX VS MIRACLE | Cringe 1v1 -

KyromixX VS MIRACLE | Cringe 1v1

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@Stonkeee your m 1v1


  1. Btw the first clip, i think cause you lose too much, so win clips is less, cause if you have enough win clips, you won't put a clip that miracle kill himself lol 💥🤓

  2. 어제 미라클님 영상에 두분이 맞짱뜨면 누가 이기나 물어봤었는데 해결되었네요!
    (걍 둘다 핵)

  3. This is the fight we've been waiting for!

    Can you play g0dak maybe? :3

  4. what the man your good at choun so nen gu

  5. I could see how passive Miracle was. I dont know how to depict correctly but lets be honest, he didnt even do any small spins, he just pinned his cursor into the enemy, thats why he cant restore his skills. Actually, his previous playstyle looks satisfying, really similar to aka's style, he did some ''half of circle" spins, that made him play well.

  6. 부럽다…나는 맨날 저격이나 샷건 쏘면 느려지던데..

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