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Welcome to our highly anticipated video, where we embark on an epic adventure to test the limits of the legendary pet #crab Crabobble in the thrilling world of #survivorio! Join us as we dive into various game modes, including the exhilarating chapter 4, to assess the true potential of this legendary-grade companion.

In this action-packed review, we leave no stone unturned as we push Crabobble to its limits, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. Witness heart-pounding gameplay footage as Crabobble faces off against formidable opponents, showcasing its ability to secure kills in intense battles.

From nail-biting showdowns to strategic encounters, we explore the incredible prowess of Crabobble, shedding light on its unique abilities and unleashing its full potential. Join us on this thrilling journey as we unveil the secrets behind this legendary pet’s effectiveness in different scenarios within #survivorio.

This review is a must-watch for avid #survivorio players and those intrigued by legendary pets. Be prepared to be amazed as we uncover the true extent of Crabobble’s power and its impact on the gameplay experience.

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  1. make tier pets at yellow level. most of us won't get red pets lol

  2. I need new tier pets in this game with Best pasif in every pets

  3. Did you stop picking up bio fuel? You only hit 50 levels. You should have leveled like 80+ times which greatly increases the pets damage and skill range. I think staying close to your pet so the mobs are in range but max distance from your pet without having him recalled would have drastically changed your pets damage as well.

  4. Ive gotten 165k with excellent+1 carbobble

  5. You're definitely way stronger than mine, but why do you also get 170k kills i expecting more, is there a limit on how many you can kill in that chapter?

  6. Can you make a video with cheshire?

  7. I was expecting 15min of standing there without picking up any biofuel and letting the little guy do his thing, afk the whole time

  8. Crabobble’s projectile distance is so short. And it only penetrates 2 enemies at a time. So despite having a high ATK power, its not that effective. Croaky is still #1 for me 🐸

  9. TBH, croaky is the best and strongest pet, but crabobble is pretty good

  10. bro in one frame ur invisible and only glasses? do you know why that happend? or was it intentional?

  11. what a miracle no one is saying "FIRST" 🤣

  12. WHOA WHOA WHOA.. A "mouse" bro? Do tell? Cuz I need to get my account added to an Android phone. This way I can use those Google Play points. Help a brother out with some info

  13. Phasecast I have a question when is your next stream happening?

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