LEGENDARY Lightchaser Or Void Power - Which Is BETTER? | Survivor.io - glimmergame.com

LEGENDARY Lightchaser Or Void Power – Which Is BETTER? | Survivor.io

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Today we are going to test out the legendary lightchaser and legendary void power weapon in the #Survivorio daily challenge to see which s-grade weapon in Survivor.io is better. The lightchaser or void power?

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  1. I always wondered if people actually play this game, I unfortunately have my answer.

  2. I can’t say much since I only have light chaser but from what I heard they’re both better at their own respective areas

  3. Why isn't he picking up chest immediately? Can someone explain please?

  4. Why was it a bad idea to get the gold chest?

  5. oh yeah an update after 3 months xiaomi released the pad 6 pro powered by snapdragon 8+ gen 1 for around 400$ (in my region) and that may help you out, also with the cheaper pad 6 powered by snapdragon 870 that i don't remember the price

  6. I have both, and honestly, VP is overrated and light chaser is definitely better.

  7. I recently started and got both in around a month in my opinion Light chaser is good as for sitting in the corner and it’s easier to control void is more difficult to use as it requires you to look at what your trying to shoot and stand there in time if the black hole is shot it allows you to be invisible to anything inside the black hole until it gets out

  8. I've been using LC almost the entire time I've been doing the chapters and it has been really good to me until I reached level 84. It's literally impossible to beat without VP. So now I'm just stuck here until I can get a VP. Which I should have in a couple more weeks

  9. End of discussion both are good and depend on chapter and player

  10. 3:49 "If the machines seek blood, he would give it freely; and with such fury, even metal will bleed." – The ending of ULTRAKILL act 1

  11. can you make part 2 where there is no 2 evo buff

  12. grinding.. sorry a noob question.. how to get parts/stuff to upgrade

  13. I need 13 more open and then I get an s grade item

  14. I think These are the best weapons but i got the lightchaser with Lvl 17 Chap 12 and ITS very good

  15. Imo Lightchaser is way more chill to use. You can literally afk after levelling it up 3-4 times. Whereas with the Voidpower, you really have to pay attention to the game and move around, otherwise you would die. Even when the VP is fully evolved, you still can’t afk

  16. Can you compare eternal suit (yellow 3) vs full metal suit (red)? I don't know if it is worth to move my resources from the first to the second

  17. LC is easier to use, VP is slightly stronger. Both are good options. You could be alot more efficient in your VP use. To give you an idea, I got caltrop and arrow (no red tech parts) to start this DC and killed 18k mobs with the red VP.

  18. Hey will void power be available in 2 days? Or should I spend my gems on the void boots

  19. Can you do legendary bat vs legendary LC im interested to see if a normal legendary can compare to S grade

  20. You can beat the game with significantly less attack with a void power. You can not do the same with light chaser.

  21. how did the Molotov and Boomerang already evolved at lv 1? pls explain, am still in stage 10

  22. Once you evo the VP, you can afk especially in square maps. I some times just stand in a corner and just afk. VP can easily finish mega challenge and high level maps since you most likely will not take damage due to the shield. The only hard part is the blue fire breathing lizards but then again whatever weapon you use against it is still hard. I only have epic 3 vp so my damage is not too high yet. I also have epic 3 LC but i prefer VP.

  23. The Void Power is a bit hard to have but the Light chaser is easier. The Void Power can easily defeat mini bosses but have less damage. I prefer the Light chaser more

  24. Red Kunai is better to purple LC and VP?

  25. why doesntthis guy collect the gold chest or the ability chests

  26. Does the Legendary void power doesnt had any special effect like light chaser with huge round slash after 10 slash?

  27. What is the best build to use in map that got blue salamander

  28. VP/GN with Fuel Barrel, Supercell, Death Ray, Quantum Ball and Defender is another beast set. It's basically an AoE CDR and Overtime based set and melts mobs like butter. Kinda skill diff with bosses tho.

  29. LC – Faster and stronger attacks with great AOE. No utility. In content where you don't need VP survival utility, LC is much better IMO.

    VP – slow attacks with small AOE. This weapon has great utility with both the black holes disabling mobs and shields.

    I personally vastly prefer the LC. Just moving from black hole to black hole with the VP just feels so slow and clunky, and would rather take story slower than hide my way through and make dailies a grind.

  30. Lightchaser did better than void power on chapter 20 for me

  31. Do you recommend me to became an epic my light chaser?

  32. I just switch between them, VP on square or vertical map and LC on open map

  33. With someone that has both. I think void power is better in later chapters but in early id go for light chaser. Void power definetly helps with the bears

  34. Kunai is the best imo. get crowd control to deal with the early difficulty of kunai and you'll be grand

  35. When you have max equipment at over lvl 100 yeah the game is easy. These videos are dumb

  36. If you have void power and you are surrounded with much more enemy they cant hit you idk why

  37. Omg guys i almost gave up cuz it was to hard then i got lightchaser 😊

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