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LEGENDARY Tech Parts Are TOO POWERFUL For Survivor.io!

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Let’s test out 2 legendary tech parts in #survivorio, including the red exo-skeleton and red nanobot. The legendary exo-skeleton will cause the defender’s tops to spin outward and retreat, and the legendary nanobot will cause the spikes of the caltrops to inflict bleed! This is way too powerful for Survivor.io!

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  1. I'ts crazy how defender is dealing 19% of total dmg.normally (i only have excellent grade) it only deals around 1-2% of total damagemost it got was 3%

  2. You could have grabbed that magnet if you hit the wall running

  3. Tech part for the drone is my favorite. I only got epic+1 of that. But it was Very usefulI already collected all PC's of tech part in epic. Still long way from legendary

  4. So i,m playing this gamr and it,s fun been playing for a few months and allready has two s rank gear at gold from the eternal set and i have been mostly using rhe kunai for the ghost shuriken and the defender,fuel cans comba wicht is OP if your high enough level and i have all purple gear parts with 4 of them +1 in them

  5. which 1 is more worth it? i use void power and i bought the epic parts chest in the valentines event.

  6. Bro, you sound like every player is Bruce Wayne lol. It's gonna take f2p's 500 billion years to obtain red parts.

  7. How do you have the refresh button to learn a different skill? Any help

  8. Considering how much people likely have had to pay to get those red tech parts, no, I don’t think they should nerf them. People who spend money on the game are the ones keeping the game going, and should have access to the best gear, it’s as simple as that. F2P players can’t complain about it, you’re playing FOR FREE.

  9. 8 purples equals just one yellow Epic And it takes SIXTEEN Epic parts to make one Red Legend. So easier way to think of it is that it takes 128 Purples to make one Red Legend part. That takes a massive amount of time, or a massive amount of money, or combination of both. I’ve spent some money on the game and I’m only about have way to maybe 2-3 different kinds of Legend parts. So far that I’ve stopped spending to get there, because the cost to get to the finish like for one would be hundreds and hundreds, and no guarantee which one I’d even get. No thanks.

  10. how do you keep getting those red tech parts, please give me your knowledge

  11. My highest grade gear so far is an epic +1 eternal suit, but i have so many more epics that I'm one or two pieces of gear away from getting and it's so annoying

  12. That's pretty perfect for you 'cause you're a Void Power user which requires the exobracer which also evolves the Guardian->Defender. Also, for fun could you call the drones Alpha and Betajust for the next video? 😉 (Type A: Alpha Type B Beta ofc)

  13. Yea red is paid and is $100+ just to get 1.

  14. To be honest, the legendary Nanobot is actually way too overpowered since the spikes inflict bleed. I would find it more balanced if only the durian thingy itself caused the enemies to bleed, but hey, that's just me.


  16. @Phasecast could you maybe do a video on how you got your tech parts that "fast" (i know its kind of a video for the p2w players, but im thinking about going for techparts next since they really elevate the stats… and i want to spend money the most efficient way so it would be cool to know how you did it😅)

  17. Im finally got void power after playing 1 month 🙂

  18. Please tell me how to play with friend in art of war legion

  19. FINALLY! I will forever be your coin chest stalker. You BETTER take that coin chest >:)

  20. How long does it take to get a red tech part? I’ve been playing for 2 months and am only at Purple 1

  21. over a 100 days of gameplay still working on getting gold

  22. I have lightcaster and 4 other s grade… Bt dont have the void power yet… Need that badly… Is there any easier way…!?!

  23. honestly , guardian is too weak , its just a defensive skill for me , and its a contradicting skill for gloom nova

  24. Can't wait for you to get the red precision device! It seems insanely op

  25. That my favourite tech part but so hard together it 😅

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