LEGENDARY Voidwaker Handguards Vs. Eternal Gloves in Ender's Echo | Survivor.io - glimmergame.com

LEGENDARY Voidwaker Handguards Vs. Eternal Gloves in Ender’s Echo | Survivor.io

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In this video, we will be testing and comparing the legendary Voidwaker Handguards and the legendary Eternal Gloves in Ender’s Echo. Our objective is to determine which of these items is better by evaluating their performance against bosses in Survivor.io, and identifying which one can deliver maximum damage.

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  1. Cool video idea: you know how sometimes in the daily challenge the buff is one more projectile to each weapon. If you got whistling arrow with the legendary tech part could you get three whistling arrows on the map?

  2. I have done the calculations on this and the Eternal come out on top for both mobs and bosses:
    Assuming a base damage of 25000 (just a generic number)
    Eternal: 25k base, 60% total atk increase, 10% Crit Rate, 100% Crit Dmg = avg hit of 57,537
    Void boss: 25k base, 90% total atk increase = avg hit of 54,162.5
    Void Mob: 25k base, 60% total atk increase = avg hit of 46,662.5

    This didn't account for the Aura as it is dependant on mob hp but would need to be a significant amount of hits to kill to have a noticeable affect (with the eco shuri would need to do <~13% IIRC). The Aura being AOE is also a consideration that would make a massive difference but this vid was just focusing on enders

    Assumption: Base Atk increase is same or similar outcome to %DMG increase
    Assumption: The numbers listed in game are accurate

    EDIT: Changed the 1.3% to 13%

    Also please let me know if any of my numbers are incorrect

  3. I needed this video last week during the harvest event😢

  4. After all your tests on stream, please make another summary video on the channel so we can know how things went.

  5. My first S grade was voidwaker handguards💀

  6. It definitely had less damage, you had much better skills and they all evolved faster than previously. Clearly it was unfair and it still barely did more

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