Lightning Is Broken... ( Storm Mode Update) -

Lightning Is Broken… ( Storm Mode Update)

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  1. 0:12 i thought this channel was family friendly

    And maybe chief pyc got hitted by lightning strike and was so raged after that

  2. Cool episode, when the movie on the Black Dragon channel? 😀

  3. The thing is when there is a thunderstorm never go under a tree especially in real life, you have to go in a house or cabin 😀

  4. Mine just lagged so much I couldn't get a kill :'(
    Great outro xD

  5. Bro nowadays surviv=stupid and thers lightning everywhere to destroy u. also hail only falls when ur under the cloud omfg i am never playing this mode ever again
    Nice job tho ur good

  6. how is your computer able to handle this gamemode wtf

  7. Just watch out or play a different game mode. I saw someone’s airdrop get ruined by the lighting. It was the saddest and funnest day ever.

  8. It's a deal with the devil, woods mode but with extra RNG, sounds like a fair and skill based event to me 😐
    The lightning have a hit range of random between 10~20 units, which is (in comparision) to the smoke max size (12) very big, it also deals 200 damage which means that there's no way to survive unless you happen to have any perks like flak jacket or the pan perk (which isn't in Woods). So yeah, fair and balanced, the konGREATe feeling is a thing now…

  9. Personally, I think that your friends are right: the lightning in boring and will hit peoples only if they are brain dead and the wind is just a pussy

  10. 😂😂😂 that was so funny when you said "look carefully at the right hand corner"

  11. DopeMope, whats ur discord!!! Also, I don't know if I have DopeMope luck, but I never get struck by lightning and I think the special effects are kind of cool. The thing I dont like is that by using the 1x scope, you can barely see your surroundings.

  12. the reason that you got killed in those trees was because you could see the lightning about to strike below you and there was a barrel thx

  13. Whydoiplaythisgame… bro i feel you lmao 😂😂

    (i would love to try playing a game or two with u 😉

  14. dopemope pls read this comment: i think I killed you, here's how I killed you: you get spas-12 and mosin nagant, then when I coming at you, you aimed me 1-2 bullets I got 46 HP, I started bandage, when I done I throw mirv grenade at you, I come at you, you get grenade and aimed me well and I survived, then you were go straight up and died with mirv grenade mini dynamite so this is how I killed you!!! That was hours ago, if you was not it pls reply and if it was you please reply too

  15. Lol its so weird the lightnight under the trees, and its also weird how i got 10,000th view

  16. The BEST channel ever, I have learnt lots from ur videos…. dont stop, u are the best!!!!

  17. sup dopemope! heard your name so many times on my twitch stream. Do you stream on twitch as well?

  18. DUMB ASS GAME in the intro means your friends are American? The middle word proves this

  19. 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤🌟💎

  20. I like your outro, is graphic design your passion?

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