Mengu loves UR Skred! | Pauper | MTGO -

Mengu loves UR Skred! | Pauper | MTGO

Andrea Mengucci VEEDEO
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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
2:17 Round 1 VS UW Affinity
20:41 Round 2 VS Dredge
1:06:42 Round 3 VS UW Familiar


4 Augur of Bolas
4 Brainstorm
4 Counterspell
2 Crimson Fleet Commodore
4 Lightning Bolt
2 Fiery Cannonade
4 Lórien Revealed
4 Ponder
2 Murmuring Mystic
9 Snow-Covered Island
2 Preordain
4 Skred
3 Snow-Covered Mountain
2 Spell Pierce
2 Ash Barrens
4 Tolarian Terror
4 Volatile Fjord

4 Cast into the Fire
4 Hydroblast
2 Gorilla Shaman
3 Pyroblast
2 Relic of Progenitus

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  1. Slivers need some representation here!

  2. pauper the best format, ur skred the best deck and mengu the best player

  3. Love the deck, gonna build and play next week.

  4. Same question for the boros and the Mono Red Deck why only 3 pyroblast in the Sideboard and not 4?

  5. Man there is so little pauper content glad you are fixing that

  6. The sub sound is quite loud compared to the rest of the video

  7. Menguuuu basta con i soliti decks, facci vedere un po' di spice

  8. I'd love a weekly pauper video !

  9. Bella Mengu, sono nuovo per pauper e dopo aver visto il meta e le carte che già avevo a disposizione ho deciso di montarmi come primo mazzo proprio izzet skred. Mi piace l'aggiunta delle due reliquie, perché nonostante sia riuscito ad arrivare primo alla scorsa tappa della lega pauper del mio lgs mi sono sentito più volte in difficoltà con mazzi che abusano di strategie che riguardano il cesso.

  10. Pauper and UB terror lover but any terror deck is good by me

  11. Went 5-0 with a grixis control list on goldfish by spockvidaloka. Adding black feels better for removal like terminate

  12. Always pauper love in the chat!!!
    More dredge though por favor

  13. I see you are playing my pet deck in my pet format. I love it. By the way, the common "Deduce" from Karlov Manor is pretty good in this deck. It is an instant speed 2 mana cantrip which makes a clue.

  14. At 17:04 at the end of Game 3/1, wouldn‘t it have been better to hold up Lightning Bolt just in case they would topdeck into a Thoughtcast into Gingerbrute+All That Glitters. Seemed like the only way to lose that game and the Ponder really wasn‘t necessary imo.

    Love the gameplays Mengu!

  15. mengu! big pauper guy here. what're your thoughts on:
    -1 murmuring mystic
    -1 crimson fleet commodore
    -2 fiery cannonade

    +2 azure fleet admiral
    +2 breath weapon

  16. 38:26 you're the pro and I'm not, but I would think you'd be happy to just let them have their Stinkweed Imp in play until you have a clock in play. Leaving it in play denies them the ability to dredge and if they're attacking you for 1 while you're putting 5/5s into play that will win the game in a turn or two it seems like that slants heavily in your favor.

  17. I come for the modern and legacy, but the occasional pauper makes me stick around. Thanks for the great stream!!!

  18. 24:20 no people just want to see dredge happen ANYWHERE.. 😀 Also it sounds cooler!

  19. Used this precise list and went 3-1 at local pauper!!! 🎉 continua con questi video!!

    Is there a specific day in which you stream pauper? I would really like to join

  20. Built that one in paper two weeks ago. But how the hell does this win agains turbofog?

  21. I love pauper, especially selesnya slivers 🙂

  22. What would you say is the beter deck? Dimir Terror or Skred Terror?

    Would Cryptic Serpents be a good replacement for Gurmag Angler?

  23. “My hand sucks but that has never stopped me from keeping.” 😂 Thanks for another great Veedeo. I really enjoyed the dredge match. Possible to run 3 or 4 relic in the side?

  24. Mengu are you going to paupergeddon Lecco this weekend? I will be there too!

  25. Getting excited for Paupergeddon results next week. Can you interview some of the top 8, afterward, perhaps?

  26. I disagree with the inclusion of 3 basic mountain. IMO only run 1 to fetch with Ash Barrens. You're mostly a blue deck that wants to be holding up UU as much as possible. Otherwise looks fine.

  27. i'm looking for deck ideas, any favorite ways to recur Ephemerate?

  28. hey guys what do you think is the worst match up from the current meta for glitters affinity?

  29. I personally am a big tortured existence lover in pauper

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