Mood 🌩️ ( Montage) -

Mood 🌩️ ( Montage)

sv-98 gaming
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Song: Mood by 24kGoldn ft. Iann Dior
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  1. imagine getting 26 kills and then a host closes the connection

  2. thats not even a montage its like 1% edited go watch some zombs royale mntages to see what its like

  3. Idk, try to use more hYpE sOnGs like:

    Panda – Desiigner
    Bad and Boujee – Migos (idk maybe too much cuss?)

    I'm trying not to be picky as possible lel

    maybe some NCS stuff or trap nation :/

  4. you are to good my highest kill game is 11

    but I avrige 9

  5. I am making some sv fan art right now

  6. Did you open the eye crate using the Sledgehammer at 1:05 ? I love opening boulders using the Sledgehammer and seeing people opening them.

  7. mb for killing you yesterday…. who is shindakai user?

  8. Hello Im gamer slayer just killed you lol. btw wanna team up

  9. i was just in a solo match with u
    we did good my friend

  10. Wow, great job! I am impressed how you manage to get that many kills. My highest is 18 I play that game myself. Can you tell any tips to improve aim pls? Thanks, keep it up! 😉

  11. I love this song, this edit, and this video, good job sv😎👏🏽

  12. Aait wat is wrong with u sv, every time pros see annavm and has bullets to it the take it but not you?

  13. Hey Sv-98 Gaming YT, I am Your Fan(possibly Biggest😂) Do You Want To Play with me? I am Pro I Can Kill The Noobs. I also Just Ate MAC and Cheeze.

  14. Ice on surviv io: WOOOO YEAH BABY this ICE IS NOT SLIPPERY!
    ice on battledudes io:HELP ME MY CAR IS SPINNING-

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