My Response to "My response to "The Downfall of Battle Royale (What Happened?)" by Joweek" -

My Response to “My response to “The Downfall of Battle Royale (What Happened?)” by Joweek”

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Made this cause boredom lul this vid sucks.


  1. BRO BRO, I ONLY GOT ONE FACT WRONG WHEN I WAS HELPING JOWEEK. Cryptic is making a reaction video to one of my videos now 😡😡.

  2. Are reaction channels popular now because people have no content to upload?

  3. Surviv=the one game everyone played during an important class

  4. Soy el único que habla español sos el mejor tkm ☺️ soy de argentina

  5. 1 thing that sux about surviv now

    the amount of hackers, theres no game that doesnt have at least 1 hacker

  6. Make a response to my video

    Then it'll be good content

  7. Just saying, joweek made 2 vids about how bad surviv is and how much he hates it and then he made a vid about quitting, then 2 weeks later he goes “guys im back to surviv!” 🤦

  8. this is the only hacker take i agree with

  9. I can't react to this video because the volume is really bad. But I would start a reaction chain.

  10. Justin and Nick: Sells the game to Kongregate
    Me: *Oh My Gosh What Did I Do To Deserve This!?

  11. Dopemope this whole video: Eet eez what eet eez

  12. Dude I was looking at old koa videos and you commented on them and then I realized that you still exist O_O

  13. Bro reacting to a response to a response to a response

  14. Hey Dope why did you need to be talking like you good but i could not hear the video only your voice.

  15. Hey dope im assuming that you play on mouse but do a challenge where u play trackpad

  16. I’m much. Better than u on mobile I can squad wipe no probs mobile is ez u can try it for something cool lol it lags to much on. Mobile though lol

  17. He forgot his password or he is lazy or he is dead(uploading vedios)

  18. Hey why do you sound like unicornoextreme LOL>

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