*NEW* AWM-249 in SURVIV.IO! || Surviv.io Most AWM-S - glimmergame.com

*NEW* AWM-249 in SURVIV.IO! || Surviv.io Most AWM-S

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In this video, I got 4 AWM-S and M134! Add me on discord: IHASPROS#1500
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Track: Debris & Jonth – Game Time [NCS Release]
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Track: Clarx – Zig Zag [NCS Release]
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Track: Dirty Palm – Oblivion (feat. Micah Martin) [NCS Release]
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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:08 4 AWM-S + M134
4:30 Cobalt game
7:58 Have a nice day!

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  1. Can you please stop clickbating, why don't you just use something thats actually in the video.

  2. Wait wut, the Awm- 134 isn't on the thumbnail 😳

  3. I love how you upload lately and I was still awake up luckily gls didn’t saw the comment kek

  4. we all know this is clickbait but we all keep clicking as if we're hoping that it's real

  5. He does clickbait but he’s really good at the game so I watch him

  6. Look man I love your channel but the click bait seems to be pissing off more people than not. Just saying. If the views go down, so be it. The solid subscribers that count will stay

  7. WTF Is the clickbait dude, is that an awms m249, a qbb usas 12, and a weird sniper rifle mix pkp???? Dang.

  8. Too much clickbait rip views 😩😠☹️😔

  9. might as well change name to IHASCLICKBAIT

  10. Pls make real glitches and no clickbait or try g0dak moves

  11. Hello, a question inside the bunker, where is the skill of master digger obtained? If you notice it, there is a room that has to be broken with the maso and there, what do they give you?

  12. Ihaspros , look un yt ,hollywod perfect ncs

  13. u used to be so good not u just clickbait why

  14. Dude why you are clickbaiting?
    It is not a way to make ur videos watched more frequently, i feel failed on you iHASPROS…

  15. the -s in every gun means supressed, groza-s groza supressed, ots ot supressed awm-s awm supressed

  16. even though it's clickbait why dont the title and thumbnail match xD

  17. the best way for you to not have to clickbait is just to get more people to play surviv

  18. Ofc you have to be in trainee island with lots of noobs

  19. You gotta admit these gun combos on the thumbnail look rlly good

  20. Probably ihaspro is trying to be ihasyou by making clickbait

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