NEW CLAN UPDATE!? | Exploring the update | Pro 1v1s | -

NEW CLAN UPDATE!? | Exploring the update | Pro 1v1s |

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Sneaky Adventure – Gaming Background Music (HD)
Link :

Mii Channel Music (VGR Remix) – For the intro.

NIVIRO – Flares [NCS Release]
Link :

*My video editor is buggy so some part of the video appears to be weird.


  1. Don’t lie, what is the use of this update expect being useless?

  2. This makes me wanna play suroi again but then I remember all the times you would kill me and I reconsider

  3. bro this update is trash and too late at the same time

  4. [SPAS]lol SAIGA sry I am join in ss2 clan wars says:


  5. In me new suscríbete you no inglish sorry :'d

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