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The Halloween mode is back on! In this video, I show you the code of the bunker and play a few games!



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  1. Nice video, Sure i wait for the livestream

  2. Gamerio eres famoso por aparecer en todos los días incluso yo fui tu compañero por tres veces

  3. The voice Surviv adds to this sometimes scares me… :VVVVV

  4. Can we appreciate that he still make content of this game ;)))

  5. Backkk👻👻👻👻👻🎃🎃🎃🎃😈👿☠️🧠💀🧛🧛🧛👼🧟🧟

  6. My Lord Inpiration Nice Video New Mode hallowen troll

  7. Esto se debe jugar no otros juegos 🙂

  8. The barrel is the best 😄 When you have few lives, it starts to smoke 😆 And when you die, it explodes 😁

  9. Since there are certain ammunition being left out, I decided to make new Halloween perks.
    Black licorice: Increases the damage of .50AE by 8%
    Dark Chocolate: Increases the damage of 308.subsonic by 8%
    Grape Gumdrops: Increases the damage of .45ACP by 8%.

    yes I realize that these ammunition are super rare, but I don't care.

  10. In morning me play game surviv event hallowen too
    You shot very pickly
    Me is noob, can you play with me?

  11. i hate this mode cuz i always surrounded by other players:((

  12. I've got the Cursed M9 like 2 times already. You can get it by picking up a trick of treat, or the mytery pumpkin superpower. You would emote the devil and the superpower is called 'Dev's Troll'. Many think that the cursed M9 is a powerful weapon, mainly of it's bullets. It shoots bullets that are similar to the **.305 Subsonic Bullets**, which are for the AWM-S and the MK 20 SSR, so opponents will be freaking out. But no, the cursed M9 uses its own ammo, the cursed_ammo.

  13. Gameiro I love your videos and I hope you continue to grow you are one of the best players

    Keep it up

    Sorry if the translation is bad I speak Spanish

  14. Yo ur footage looks similar to mine, i think u were in the same match???

  15. Nah I play on mobile can someone tell me how to stop it from saying "couldn't load in match " it happens every time and I only play on mobile I played for so long now every single mobile I try playing on it doesn't work can someone tell me how to fix this problem cause I really miss playing survive mobile.

  16. Thats why i love the scout elite
    Low damage
    Fast movement
    Fast fire rate
    Reload are fast

    KId sometimes whats make u stronger doesnt acctually make u stronger
    But what does make u weaker
    Does make u stronger

  17. Does this mode have to be available until Halloween?

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