*NEW* HALLOWEEN UPDATE with TROLL PERKS + SKINS! (Surviv.io Halloween) - glimmergame.com

*NEW* HALLOWEEN UPDATE with TROLL PERKS + SKINS! (Surviv.io Halloween)

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*NEW* HALLOWEEN UPDATE with TROLL PERKS + SKINS! (Surviv.io Halloween)

Check out the 2019 surviv.io halloween update video which includes obstacles as skins, a number of troll trick or treat perks and much more! Check it out for yourself before it’s too late!




All the music I use comes from Monstercat, NCS or the Audio Library.



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  1. 4:23 its an update:
    That thing is what i hate so bad. So this is how.
    Its like the zone. But its super annoying.
    How to get rid of it?:
    Get near to the zone / get in the zone.:
    Is the the thing in the normal mode?:

  2. Yesterday i met a Hacker in Surviv. We were shoting on him a long time but He didn't died >:( . Hackers are Noobs!

  3. Theres 15% getting a Gun on a Box by shooting it with a 🔫

  4. Mohammad Alhasan 7B Ek 22/23 Ekeby skola says:

    the code is egg, hydra, thunder cloud, snail, bridge, axe

  5. Surviv has always been the best game ever
    I don't know why did u leave it

  6. do you ahve delay betwen the mouse and your carecter

  7. I only team to steel kills, then kill my team but i dont on this event, its too fun to just load up and spray XD

  8. I played with you like Angry Breezepelt, did you see me? 😀

  9. Nice video, Editing skills is EPIC!
    Fun fact: I was the very first to officially find the cake donut (gives +96xp) and screenshot it

  10. i have a tip guys when your loting change the interact two left mouse button

  11. player is need team and you kill player dec not good but good muzic do you can crft music

  12. I waited too long and I didn’t get to play mode😔

  13. I rarely can see the crates 😭😂🤯🙄

  14. This update looks so fun but when it happened I didn’t play this game

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