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New loadout update !
New survivr pass 2 !
Let’s unlock the Hexamend !

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Track: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona – Invisible [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Different Heaven – OMG [NCS Release]

Track: Elektronomia – Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Tobu – Roots [NCS Release]

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  1. What's the first song called please? Nice vid!! Also plz can u show ur controls that u use?

  2. i love ur vids so much! can you play with me sometime please ?

  3. uhhh why do i have the feeling he's hacking? i've never seen an ak so accurate before

  4. WOW…
    Starts with a Saiga-12
    Can win a game

    I can't even shoot properly or win.

    Nice Video

  5. How are you at such a high level??? i played as soon as the new pass came out and i do the challenges every day!

  6. nice music btw, i honestly don't care if the music is the same in every video.

  7. i was waiting you more than dopeMope, iHASEYOU, and even Siper.

    p.s surviv serin is real king of this game

  8. ти крутой ти класс кто не верит тому в глаз 😎😎😎

  9. i don’t like how they offer the bayonet woodland in the spins

  10. Literally, stop spinning around, spaming ok, and stop using the same song over and over! USE ANOTHER ONE —> Feels Good To Be A Trap King (Goblin Mashup) 【1 HOUR】search it up!

  11. Who does better in normal solos rather than the other one?

  12. hi gamerio one day i wus playing surviv io and i was playing with you you gade gamerio name i has screnshoot

  13. I survivr pass 12 level 1 is Deep purple skin level 2 golden potato Level 3 is off sticker level 4 is golden potato level 5 is energel level 6 golden potato level 7 is Hexamend level 8 golden potato level 9 shock and Awe sticker level 10 golden potato level 11 is Blue Velvet melee fists level 12 is golden potato i just have only these i tell everybody because i survivr pass only like thesei know all survivr pass all level 13 golden potato level 14 To Be or Not sticker level 15 golden potato level 16 Split the diff fists level 17 golden potato level18 Clay more skin level 19 golden potato level 20 Patch job healing level 21 golden potato level 22 Sunset skin level 23 golden potato level 24 Trollface emote level 25 golden potato level 26 Splotchfest skin level 27 golden potato level 28 Frostpunch fists level 29 goden potato level 30 Golden potato level 31 Chromesis level 99 none you can find in fandom wiki

  14. I'm the best mobile player! Don't believe me? Watch my videos

  15. the OT-38 is actually pretty great, but only if you can aim with it.

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