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In this video, I found the MGL-S gun in Surviv.io! Add me on discord: IHASPROS#1500
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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:07 MGL found
1:50 Woods 19
5:00 Dual AWM-S

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  1. MGL means "Multiple Grenade Launcher", so it's not used 7.62mm

  2. Bro, admit that you are clickbaiter, kong never add new gun to surviv for f*ck. Congratulations on learning how to add texture packs you clickbaiter -_-

  3. Nice clickbait, you are textured Groza-s to Rocket launcher 🙂

  4. Lmao. You managed to fool me. Is the season 8 update out yet

  5. Is this real becoz I played 100 matches to get this gun but nope I didn't got that .So is this actually real?🤔🧐🤨

  6. MGL-S IS better than the awm-s and its a machine gun.

  7. of course he dosen't play on prestige island. what a noob

  8. stop clickbaiting dude. everyone has a brain knows that MGL uses 40mm grenade
    ps: sorry for my bad english
    edit: you don't credit the person who made the MGL art since you just took it from the concept wiki so there's some problem now for you

  9. It's a lie about the MGL-S update.

  10. excellent edit, look like it is really. Nice clickbait!

  11. Hey bro it is me Mrk//Psycho remember we were just playing stumble guys?

  12. Finaly something thats not clikbait


  13. it is the evolution of weapon raimbow loll !!!!! Y it looks like a big, heavy and destructive weapon (potato spear power 🥔)

  14. I can tell the difference from Nick and justin model
    It has flying thing
    But from Kong and other
    Is like in this video

  15. You turned off the surrounding area so we couldn't see it was groza-S.

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