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In this video, I unlocked all the items in season 9! Add me on discord: IHASPROS#1500
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– Banger Machine
– Memory
– Dead


Time Stamps:

0:00 Unlocking the pass
1:50 Desert game
5:20 Woods game
9:30 Have a nice day!
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  1. I don't understand the choice of reducing it to 30 levels again. The 8th battle pass was very cool, long and challenging, why doing something pass 4-tier???Also nice 26 kill game!

  2. Do i need to change my name to login?Also,you video is great.

  3. Yesirrr now I have the option to quit for good by being able to delete my account. 😀

  4. your internet and your mouse is so good

  5. It's sad because i break my pc after i get killed by teammer…

    I hate teammer ☹️

  6. Can you help me I can't play anymore, how am I doing knowing I have a Billie Héroine account.

  7. помоги зайти не получается там пишется нельзя подклюлиться к игре зделай видео

  8. Wow there is new skins?! I didn't know that lol!

  9. I love the pass! I really like how pro you are at survive io! 😀

  10. i just play with u im the brocks i left u win 😂

  11. IHASPROS and all of the YouTubers Out there U Can get AWMS in Normal Mode but it’s a secret

  12. I has 7007 gold potatoes so I can buy season 9

  13. Why are multiple songs playing at the same time?

  14. i thought u wouldn't upload more vids :<

  15. We can call the part with three different songs the IHASPROS remix.

  16. no tendré plata pero estoy bien con mi cuenta humilde de hace 5 años

  17. Noice Pass but the pass from the last year was better tbh

  18. FINALY no clickbait omg, still a clickbaity thumbnail, come on !!!

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