NEW SNIPER HUT! | SURVIV.IO - Update Secrets & Best Moments -

NEW SNIPER HUT! | SURVIV.IO – Update Secrets & Best Moments

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With the addition of the desert rain in, most players haven’t tried the normal mode yet. But within there is a chance to get newest sniper on surviv, the scout elite, every round.

Play the game:

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  1. rip my discord today i destroy it me own

  2. In that green basket they added Island time suit because its green they didnt put ghillie suit…

  3. not as good as the mosin but better than the model 94

  4. Once I spawned right next to an M249 as ground loot. Also found 15 scope that game.

  5. 7:23 thanks but i think it's a bad idea
    One day i gave my partner a med kit to heal and he got killed
    Later i needed it and i didnt has it

  6. there are so many imposters thats it legit impossible to know whos real

  7. !hayou yo estaba jugando contigo en tu partida y era Daniel game y me

  8. I uncoverd that secret but didn't pay attention

  9. Thing in 0:58 was called hedgehog and its used in ww2 to stop enemy tanks.

  10. I played squads in the Desert mode with a player named Mr. Bloodie. We won one game, and we got into another, but we both died. IDK if that was him or not but he was real good.

  11. can someone tell code in the house bungker plese:(

  12. Ok good but my best combo is [M249 & PKP Pecheneg].
    Also is this combo I had it 1 time is my life.


  14. i had Mr.Bloodie on my team 3 times before and killed him before he put up a good fight but i had two AWMS

  15. if there was a rare hut…I CAN MAKE IT!

  16. Bro you have the best intro I have ever seen

  17. What is all of the names of the music you used?

  18. فينك تعمل تحالف

  19. can u give advice on how to get better at surviv

  20. I tried giving the sv to my teammates but no one took it, so I proceeded to win the game with dual sv-98s.

  21. my luckiest spawn was beside a golden airdrop. got m249 and awm-s and pan and lv3 vest, helmet and bag

  22. u know what. the person who killed me dint take either of my guns. probably a newbie

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