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New update! Snow mode has arrived! Enjoy!



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Song: Elektronomia – Vitality [NCS Release]
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Jim Yosef – Firefly [NCS Release]

Axol x Alex Skrindo – You [NCS Release]


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  1. Finally a update 🙂 still when there isn't sth new

  2. Squads dead but you still managed to get some kills! Gg

  3. One your best 2021 vid! Continue as tht. Love you and you should never stop!!! :DD

  4. I wonder why there's still noobs inside the game…😅

  5. I think Snow Mode needs a new gun or cannon specific to it.

  6. gamerio you are better yutubers than the others

  7. top 1 in show eeeee!(nick YourLastMonday) GAMERIO!You top!

  8. question: make you again a 2021 moments? 2020 moments are so cool that was my question!?😃🙄

  9. great video the lobby was dead and you still managed a pretty high kill game

  10. perfect!!💪🔥 (love your video🤩❤️‍🔥)

  11. Bruh… I expected a little different video) but its good as always

  12. my friend ate my toothbrush 😔😟 says:

    Really sad to see ur favorite game dying 🙁

  13. Wow wowowowowowowowow aaaaaah this is so cool

  14. More Insane Video from GAMERIO 😲
    Keep It Up 👍

  15. did they combine trainee and prestige island again

  16. brooooo today i also got a 16 and two 14s lol

  17. wish you more luck in the future!
    from a fan that follows you in your first video

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