New *SPECIAL ABILITY* Leader Update! 50 vs 50 Battle Royale Best Moments! -

New *SPECIAL ABILITY* Leader Update! 50 vs 50 Battle Royale Best Moments!

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  1. Nice video but so dark must when you make a video

  2. Can you plz give the song names….i liked em.

  3. Привет с Уркраїни❤️❤️❤️

  4. AWESOME Viedeo, i love your viedeos, keep it up <3

  5. Hmu to join a chill good clan. If you can get 20 kills to being a noob I can train u

  6. When you meet the IHASYOU he has full squad with IHY clan members ..
    ┻━┻︵└(՞▽՞ └)
    (๑´•.̫ • `๑)
    ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  7. The person you sed haha kinda remins me of me dying in the game?

  8. I love that at least you didn't leave io community (rip ducky)

  9. omg i saw you in some of my lobbys my name was artikel 13

  10. wow pro i pro too my lvl 28
    like this comment plz

  11. I played with you before my name lil foxy

  12. u doin it wrong when u kill the leader the team that loses the leader can go in and shoot outside at the enemy team that took out the leader and the enemy team cant shoot in its like a force field and then the team that lost leader can shoot out and the circle is a force field that blocks all the bullets but of course u can just go in with meele and knock out a bunch of people lol

  13. and i've realized when u become red leader u get super 90 cause red ammo red team
    when u get blue leader u get an94 cause blue ammo and blue leader

  14. im not gonna lie i like potato event the most. and water guns are great too. XD

  15. i like when i play 50vs50 and i act like im in actual war and i also really like when other people do it too , like this nub boi shooting randomly from a window at left 6:47

  16. So if the leader of the opposite team dies and you go in the bubble your shots stay in the bubble and possibly will hit but the bubble only last for a bit
    Interesting I will use that to my advantage next 50v50 LAST SACREFIST.

  17. Wow the unlimited scarisfi mode has if you break one it will heal your 5 health and every leader have degal 50 but not the flare gun when a leader die a bubble come out in his grave to protect against enemies and a flare shoot

  18. its not eithe coll because youre SUPER PRO in this game

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